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I think your fill valve is clogged with seddiment.Just replace it.

2006-08-20 05:25:23
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Why does Commode water spins but does not empty from commode?

This is becasuse of shape of commode. The lower part has a upward bend which does not allow the commode to go empty. Only water which has a prresure can go over the bend and moment the presurre is stopped, the last portion of water can not climb the full bend and therfore remain at the bottm of commode.

What would cause a loud noise when the commode completely fills up?

The float valve shutting off the water flow.

What was a toilet called in the 1900?

Commode / Water closet

How many gallons of water is wasted if a commode runs for 8 hours?


What can cause a commode not to flush?

Clogged toilet, mainline stoppage, not enough water in the tank or bowl, too much slack in flapper chain, bad flapper, broken handle...

Constant water running in commode?

Install a new fill valve inside the tank. It is easy.

What kind of water do you refill car battery with?

distilled water

How can you reuse plastic bottles?

refill it with water

Can well water cause vaginal infections?

Not unless the well is infected and you swim in it.

What height do you rough in for water for flushometer type commode?

Handicapped ? residential? hospital type with bedpan washing capabilities?

Can water cause a SEVERE itch?

Well, it depends on what kind of water your talking about.If its Clean Water then no, unless your allergic to it.If its Tap Water, most likely not.The only water that can cause a severe itch is either Salt or Unclean water.

Is it safe to refill a swimming pool with gray water?

no it is not

Why do towns have an impact on the water table?

Mostly towns sink wells for drinking water. If they draw off too much water for precipitation, etc. to refill then they cause the water table to fall and the wells will be drilled deeper and the water table will fall more.

Does drinking cold water cause weight loss?

No, not unless drinking water makes you eat less because your stomach is full of water.

Why when water runs from other sources in your house do the toilets have to refill?

The toilets refill because water is leaking past the flapper. In your case, you are running some water or turning water off right when the toilets are ready to refill and your action "jiggles" the ballcock to start. The toilets are also refilling at other times but you have not noticed yet. Get them repaired.

Can hydration drinks cause worms?

Unless it is unsterlized, no. So unless you're drinking pond water or a Gatorade mixed with river water, your chances of gettings worms is very low.

What would cause a toilet to stop filling up with water?

Defective refill device. Replace or adjust. Also check the flapper to make sure it is sealing properly.

Why is it bad to refill a water bottle?

Because the only way you can refill it is by tap which has chemicals that can stay in your liver and kidney area up to 18 months. You can also refill the bottles using Water Clinic Water Vending Machines, these machines use the latest technology for filtering water and hence produce best drinking water available, best brand available is Super Water.

How do you fill the well or does it refill by itself in your well water system?

Most wells are built below the water line which should mean it will automatically refill to the waterline point. That doesn't mean it will provide enough water but if you need to refill it you can buy water from a waterplant or have water delivered to your well. Most rural community's charge roughly 1 dollar to 3 dollars for 1000 gallons of water.

Can you pipe ocean water into ground to refill aquifer?

No. It is salt water and fresh water is needed.

Where are the water bottles located in Audi 4 car to refill?

in your but

What does the hose that goes from the toilet valve to the overflow do?

That device is called the refill tube. This allows water to go down the overflow tube to refill the water closet bowl while the tank is filling.

Why is the oil light and water light flashing on your car?

It means, that you have to refill oil and cooling water.

How do you lower salt content in a swimming pool?

Remove some of the water and refill it with fresh water.

How do you refill windshield wiper water on 93 Honda delsol?

By filling the containner with soapy water