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What can cause a panic reaction to a shot from the dentist?


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2009-02-08 18:20:39
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It depends on what you mean by "shot" ~ if you mean freezing, then it is quite normal to have an increased heart rate and maybe a little hyperventilating. If it is quite severe, you may want to discuss it with your dentist to explore other options. I am thinking that you are perhaps sensitive to the epinephrine in the shot given for anesthesia. Epinephrine or pseudoepinephrine can make a person feel panicky, heart racing, jumbled thoughts etc. Just ask your dentist to use an anesthetic without epi. yes my 16 year old son has had shots from dentist before and this has never happend ,but this time it hit an artery in his gum instead and made his heart race bad and he could not breath well for a few ,well this went away but when he can home it got worse,he had the worse head pain and had fever bad diarrhea and has not been abel to brath right ,he had to go to hospital and now has scb fever,and has been really sick,i know it was from this shot some kind of bacteria got in his lung or heart,i hope this will go away can you help with some of my questions .thank you kyla please get back to me soon. ANSWER YES-Novocain should be avoided by ANYONE with an anx disorder-it causes the heart to beat slower and harder in most cases and is a derivative of epinephrine which most definitely will bring on a severe panic attack, that combined with the anticipatory anxiety over seeing the dentist and as an anxious person being much more attuned to bodily sensations is not a good combination. IF YOU SUFFER FROM ANXIEY TELL YOUR DENTIST, always take a sedative before hand (a benzo) and ALWAYS make sure that they use POLORCANE (not sure on spelling here but it sounds like POLAR-CANE, it is a non epinephrine derivative and will not cause the heart racing, but on the down side the numbing effect is much shorter lived than Novocain.


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Yes . I have had ear pain for 2 weeks now after a shot by the dentist. There was a nerve hit . what can you do about this pain

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If you are prone to allergies then anything that irritates skin (including gums) can cause an allergic-type reaction. And tetanus shots can most definitely cause a reaction. Benadryl every four hours for 24-48 hours should clear it all up. Also take Benadryl before going to the dentist or getting a shot and the reaction will be minimised.

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It depends what you want to get.

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Kills the pain. You need a shot at the dentist, so it numbs your mouth. Then the dentists can operate without hurting you as much.

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