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The fact that the only Perfect torso that I have seen is on Anglelo's David. Other wise we are not perfect and one side is bound to be a bit more or less than the other. Try a few extra reps on the flabby side to get a little more even.

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Q: What can cause the right side of your torso to be more flabby than the left?
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While walking on the ground if left leg is moved forward simultaneously right hand moves forward and left hand backward why?

When walking on the ground, the left leg is moved forward simultaneously with the right hand because of the motion of the torso. The torso twists slightly causing a pendulum motion with the arms and hands.

What does pain in the lower left quadrant o your back mean?

It is possible that pain in the lower left quadrant of your back is caused by a kidney stone, since kidneys are located on both the left and the right of the lower torso. But there are other possible causes as well. Many things can cause pain.

How do you fix your back?

what I usually do is sit down on a chair and gently twist my torso to the right and to the left. that usually pops me back into place.

What might cause rubbing on the left side of the car when you turn right?

When you turn right the weight of the vehicle shifts to the left, which could cause rubbing of several things on the left side.

What is a torso?

Its the bit of your body that everything comes off. If you remove your head, arms and legs then the bit left is called the torso

What are the functions of the right and left branch bundles?

The right bundle carries nerve impulses that cause contraction of the right ventricle (the lower chamber of the heart) and the left bundle carries nerve impulses that cause contraction of the left ventricle.

Will technological advances will cause the supply curve to shift to the left or right?


Which abdominal muscles rotate the trunk to the same side?

The right internal oblique and the left external oblique contract as the torso flexes and rotates to bring the left shoulder towards the right hip. The left internal oblique and the right external oblique rotates the right shoulder to the left hip (as in grapping for your seat belt). For this reason, the internal obliques are referred to as "same side rotators."

What part of the body is drained by the thoracic duct and the right lymphatic duct?

All the body's lymphatic vessels (except the those in the right part of the torso, the right arm, and the right side of the neck and head) the drain lymphatic fluid that is collected from all the rest of the body's tissues into the thoracic duct and into left subclavian vein. The lymphatic fluid from the right part of the torso, the right arm, and the right side of the neck and head drain into the right lymphatic duct and then into the right subclavian vein.

Can you appendix cause pain in your left side?

Yes. The appendix may cause pain for both the right side and left side.

What causes pain on the left side of torso?

being hit by a meteor

What is the function of your arms while you are running?

Your arms swing to match the cadence of your legs. The right arm swings with the left leg and vice versa. The purpose is to keep your body "in rotational balance."1 This ensures that your torso points forward as you run. To understand the importance of rotational balance, try to run without moving your arms. You'll notice how your torso swings from right to left in opposition to your legs. Your torso is trying to do what your arms can do much more easily. 1

Where does the Left side of the heart pumps blood to?

The aorta, which then splits out to your head, arms, torso, legs, etc. The right side pumps blood to your lungs to become oxygenated.

What is The function of left and right bundle branches?

The function of the right bundle branches is to carry nerve impulses that cause the right ventricle to contract. The left bundle carry the nerves that contract the left ventricle.

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It can cause dysfunction and paralysis of the right hemisphere.

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sagging right rear spring

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