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Seize and sell any property in the U.S. that the debtor owns/has including bank accounts.

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Q: What can creditors do if you leave USA and return to India with 7000 credit card debt?
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What if you leave for India from US with a credit card debt and then return after 5 years?

You will have to pay the debt + interest on your return to the US assuming the debt collectors have not chased you down in India already.

Can you leave out credit card debts when filing bankruptcy?

no, all creditors must be listed.

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Can unpaid collections be enforced on an individual who has moved out of the country and can that bad credit affect their credit in their new residence?

It depends! Let's face it any time potential creditors find out that you have stiffed previous creditors, those creditors don't care if the creditors were foreign or not. Generally speaking if you leave the country you will probably be able to walk away from your debts here because those debts are tracked by the credit bureaus through the social security number. If you leave the country those creditors will continually look for you here, see if you pop up somewhere to work, or purchase property. Once you leave you're outside the system, but if you wave a flag from across the border, they WILL come after you if its worth their while and never forget, if its enough money they will find you. If you're a dual citizen you're more likely to get away with it. If you're not and you emigrate, you're not likely to get away with it because when you apply for a visa generally the host country will want to check up on you and might even run a credit check on you which actually DOES appear on your credit report here. So when your creditors come and look for you they will see that 'such and such' country ran a credit check on you and know where you are..... Good luck

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Consumer Credit Law?

If you have borrowed money in the United States, you are covered by consumer credit laws. These laws establish the rights that borrowers have and what your creditors are allowed to do to collect debts owed to them. Establishment of these laws protects consumers from creditors who may try to exploit borrowers or impose unilateral loan terms on them.What Your Creditors Allowed To DoConsumer credit laws allow for your creditors to make phone calls and send letters informing you of an intent to collect overdue debt. Debts that are not paid in the agreed to time frame can be sent to collections or can be settled in a court of law. Your creditors are also allowed to impose an interest rate of as much as 30 percent in the event that you are late on a credit card payment.What Your Creditors Cannot DoCreditors are not allowed to leave messages or threaten you in any way. Creditors are not allowed to send you any messages once you establish a third party has power of attorney. Entering into a debt relief program also stops most legal action against you. Therefore, creditors can only take actions to inform you of overdue debt and any intention of going to court to get that debt. Otherwise, you are off limits to creditors.Your RightsYour privacy is protected under many credit consumer laws. Most lenders are not allowed to distribute personal information to other companies without your permission. Debt collectors must have proof that you owe a debt before they are able to take you to court over that balance. Creditors are not allowed to leave messages of threaten you in any manner. You have the right to sue any creditor who breaks any of these laws.Consumer credit laws are an important part of the borrowing process in America. It is important that there are boundaries that creditors cannot cross in order to protect the consumer. Consumers have a right to be dealt with fairly and with respect at all times.

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What happens if you do not pay your credit card and leave the country?

The statute of limitations is tolled (stops running) until you return to the US, when they may still be able to sue you.

Do you have to return your army cadet uniform after you leave?

Yes you do have to return your uniform when you leave the ACF, as your payment when you started was simply for the 'hire' of the uniform. If you do not return your kit when you leave you will receive a letter from the MOD and possibly a £300 fine.

Is bad credit wiped away if you move to another country?

If you leave the country your credit will not be wiped clean. The "black" marks will remain on your credit bureau for 7 years after the date of your last payment to the debt(acknoledgement of the debt) Different countries have their own credit bureau's ie. Canada, US. However it is possible for a creditor to transfer the bad debt onto the credit bureau of the country you reside. Running away will not fix your credit problems. The best option is to deal with your individual creditors and make arrangements.

If you leave the US with credit card debt will you have a problem establishing credit in a European country?

Possibly. Although creditors cannot force the collection of debts (lawsuits) outside of the US it is not necessarily true that a person's credit history cannot affect them outside of the US. Most large US banks now have branches all over the world, therefore if you applied with a lending institution of that type your US credit history could be accessed.

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Which credit companies provide loans for the unemployed?

Go to a debt management firm in your area and inquire about loans for the unemployed to see what's available to you. This is a good way to get your creditors to leave you alone in a financial crisis, get a lower rate, and get any late fees terminated.

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What are the consequences of defaulting on several unsecured loans less than 10k if you leave the USA for good besides your credit rating?

If some of the creditors have reason to believe that fraud was involved, you could be charged with a felony and many countries would allow U.S. authorities to have you extradited.

What if you leave credit card debt in US?

I owe credit cards companies in the US. Can they collect it in The Netherlands?

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