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What can date objects up to a million years?

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Amino acid racemization

2010-11-02 03:28:17
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Can date objects up to a million years old?

amino acid reacizacion

How have scientists reached their prediction of about a million years?

Yes, It turned out that 'about a million years' was actually a million years. It was close because it was almost 999,999 years but then they decided to round up.

Which type of microscope can magnify objects up to a million times?

the Transmission Electron Microscope

What year was it 85 million years ago?

There was no years 85 million years ago. Man made up the idea of years, dates, or time. The dinosaur existed 65 million years ago.

How many years take up five million minutes?

912,500,000 years

When did Pangaea break apart?

Pangaea began to break up in the Jurassic Period about 180 million years ago and was mostly broken up by 100 million years ago.

How many years ago did pangaea break up?

200 Million years ago

How long ago did the pangaea landmass break up?

It formed approximately 300 million years ago and then began to break apart after about 100 million years. So, to answer your question; about 200 million years ago.

When is the sun going to blow up?

In 6 million years

What if your ex break up with you and still make out?

Not in a million years.

What time peirod are the mesozoic paleozoic and the ceneozoic?

The Paleozoic, the Mesozoic and the Cenozoic are the 3 Eras of the Phanerozoic Eon.The Paleozoic Era occurred between 542 and 251 million years ago. It lasted 291 million years. It was made up of 6 geological periods. The Cambrian Period(542 - 488Ma), the Ordovician(488 - 443Ma), the Silurian(433 - 416Ma), the Devonian(416 - 359Ma), the Carboniferous(359 - 299Ma) and the Permian(299 - 251Ma).The Mesozoic Era occurred between 251 and 65.5 million years ago. It lasted 185.5 million years. It was made up of 3 geological periods. The Triassic Period (251 - 199.6Ma), the Jurassic(199.6 - 145.5Ma) and the Cretaceous(145.5Ma).The Cenozoic Era occurred between 65.5 million years ago to now. It has lasted 65.5 million years to date. It has been made up of 3 geological periods to date. The Paleogene(65.5 - 23.03Ma), the Neogene(23.03 - 2.588Ma) and the current period the Quaternary Period (2.588Ma - Now)

How many women can Justin Bieber have at one time?

Its up to his decision he can date a million girls

How log ago did Pangaea break up into Laurasia and Gondwanaland?

Pangaea is believed to have formed around 300 million years ago and began to break up around 175 million years ago.

Would you use uranium 235 or thorium 232 to date a sample that was about million years old?

Uranium dating is recommended. Thorium dating (but with the isotope 230Th, not with the isotope 232Th) is recommended to minerals old of up to 500 000 years.

What was the name of the first super-continent?

The first super continent scientists know about is Rodinia, which formed and broke up about 1,1 billion to 750 million years ago. Then came Pannotia, which formed and broke up around 600 million to 540 million years ago. The last was Pangaea, which formed and broke up 250 million to 200 million years ago.This is believed to have happened several times in the Earth's history.

How long do puffer fish live up to?

They live up to be one million years old

How many years ago did mammoths first show up on earth?

4.8 million years ago

Is the rockies ranges older than Pangaea?

No, they are younger. Pangaea formed about 300 million years ago and began to break up around 180 million years ago. The Rockies were formed between 80 and 35 million years ago.

Were there dinosaurs in the olden times?

There were dinosaurs up until about 60 million years ago. They had existed for about 170 million years. The present representatives of this group of animals are the birds.

What is the biggest shark in dinosaur times?

Megalodons were up to roughly 50ish feet and lived as late as 28 million years ago to 1.5 million years ago.

What super continent broke up 180 million years ago?


When did the supercontinent Pangaea start to break up?

40 million years ago

How many years ago did pangea start to break up?

180 million years ago (Early Jurassic)

How many years take up one million hours?

Answer: 114 Years, 20 Days and 16 Hours.

Is it okay to date someone ten years older in Maryland?

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