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A judgment creditor can execute the judgment in whatever methods are allowed under the laws of the state in which the judgment debtor resides. The preferred method is by wage garnishment. Other possible methods are, levy of bank accounts (including those that are joint) seizure and liquidation of non exempt property belonging to the debtor and a lien against real property or the portion of such that is owned by the debtor.

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How do you file a judgment against child support?

Child Support cannot be attached to pay a judgment.

What can happen if you can't pay a judgment against you?

Your wages will be garnished or bank account levied or any real property you own will have a lien filed against it, until you can pay it off.

What happens if you had a judgment against you in Ohio?

You pay it.

What can happen if you dont pay a payday loan in texas?

If you don't pay a payday loan, you can have a judgment brought against you. They can also fine you a pre determined amount.

How long to you have to pay a judgment made against you in pa?

Anytime that you have a judgment on you no matter where you are you have to pay it. There are some instances where you may not have to but it don't matter if you are in PA or LA a judgment is a judgment.

What can be done to you if you have a judgment against you?

If there is a judgment against you, the best thing to do is to pay. It will remain on your record indefinitely if you do not. You can argue the judgment in court, but once a judgment is entered it will likely not be reversed.

Can you get a mortgage with a civil judgment against you?

If the judgment is open, you must pay before escrow closes on the mortgage. If the judgment cannot be satisfied, you must show an agreement with the creditor and at least six months of consistent payments.

What will happen if you don't pay the judgment in a civil case?

if you have the ability to do an act required under a judgment then you can be held in civil contempt and actually jailed, however if it is strictly a monetary judgment then you cannot be incarcerated, but your wages can be garnished and your assets seized by the judgment holder.

What if i fail to pay a law suit?

If you have had a judgment entered against you and have not paid, the prevailing party can request that the court garnish wages or property in order to pay the judgment entered against you. -J

Can your residence be taken in a law suit?

If the judgment is against you and you do not pay it, the home can be sold to pay the debts.

What can happen if you cannot pay a judgment in the state of Virginia?

Judgment creditors prefer to use wage garnishment or bank account levy to execute the judgment writ. If neither of those remedies apply the creditor can seize and liqudate non exempt property belonging to the debtor, or place a lien against real property (jointly owned property can usually be attached by a creditor lien).

If a civil judgment or lien is against you in South Carolina and you pay your house off can they take your home from you?

If you have a civil judgment or lien against you in South Carolina and you pay you house off, they can not take it directly from you. They may be able to put a lien against it until you pay the debt off.

What happens if you cannot afford to pay a judgment against you?

If you can't pay the judgement, it will continue to accrue interest. It is good for 10 years and is renewable once for an additional 10 years. The judgment creditor has several options for executing a judgment. In the majority of US states the judgment can be used as a wage/income garnishment or bank account levy or seizure and sale of any non exempt personal property owned by the debtor (stocks, bonds, etc.) or a lien against real property or the portion thereof owned by the judgment debtor.

You own three houses you have to let go one of your house to foreclosure what will happen to your other 2 houses can lender sue you or what could happen?

If the foreclosure sale does not pay off the lender in full, including costs & fees, the lender could obtain a judgment against you for the unpaid balance. This judgment would then be a lien against any other houses that you own.

If you can not pay a judgment against you is it better to file a bankruptcy?

Hope you had a lawyer defending you against the judgment suit. You can use one now. Many, if not most judgments will not be discharged in BK.

What can i do if i can't pay a civil judgment?

They will typically garnish your wages until it is paid in full if you cannot pay in full initially.

If you have a judgment against credit and you hit lotto could they take it?

No, if you hit the lotto you should be able to pay the judgment in full, I hope? LOL

If a credit card company gets a judgment against you can they take your drivers license?

No. The judgment creditor might take your car and sell it to pay part of the judgment, but your license has no intrinsic value for sale. In addition, the judgment creditor is not permitted to seize your license or ask the state to seize it until you pay the judgment.

What can happen if a voluntary repossession is done and the vehicle has sold and you can't pay the balance remaining and a judgment is obtained but you still can't pay?

They can try and garnish your wages(if your working)or they will work out a payment plan with you for the remainder or a portion of the outstanding balance.One option you have is to declare bankruptcy to clear your debts.You cannot be thrown in jail if you cannot pay.

What will happen if you cannot pay your loan in Dubai?

you will be pour

What happens if a person is found guilty in a civil trial and cannot pay the judgment?

"Guilty" is a criminal verdict. In a civil case, a judgment is entered against a party.The term judgment proof is most commonly used in tort law contexts to refer to defendants or potential defendants who are financially insolvent. Even if a plaintiff were to secure a legal judgment against an insolvent defendant, the defendant's lack of funds would make the satisfaction of that judgment difficult, if not impossible, to secure.

A judgment was filed against you. You agreed to pay the amount to avoid judgment. Now you have a letter from them with a consent to judgment agreement that added 1500.00 in fees. Should you sign?


BF won a judgment against you for a collection The collection company has garnished your checking account you cannot pay bills or anything your account is frozen This is causing you a financial hard?

Sounds like Karma to me.....

Can a lien be placed on your home for a personal loan that you cannot pay due to a job loss and reduced income?

Yes, if the creditor sues the debtor and is awarded a judgment, the judgment can be executed as a lien against real property owned by the debtor. The inability to pay ones debts, regardless of the reason is not a valid defense to avoid judgments.

What can the credit card companies do if you refuse to pay a debt in Texas?

The creditor can file suit against the debtor and if the creditor is successful and is awarded a judgment the judgment can be executed against all non exempt real and personal property belonging to the judgment debtor.