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You can be sued, and your insurance company can deny the claim.

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You have a good track record with regards to your drivers license and if you had an accident with an expired drivers license and renewed it the next day after the accident will the insurance pay out?

If you were driving with an expired drivers license they will not insure you so if they find out you are up s--t creek. what they may do is ask you for your drivers license record up to date and then they will spot it. If you are lucky they wont. However they have not paying insurance down to a fine art.

What happens if you are insured and the accident is for the most part your fault but your license is expired?

== == You are OUT OF LUCK. Every auto insurance policy REQUIRES any driver to be properly qualified and LICENSED by their home state. An Expired license is NO LICENSE, at all. No License, no coverage. No coverage, equals YOU PAY the entire costs of the accident, plus you will have a really hard time getting insurance again.

If you have an expired license and get into an accident will your insurance pay the claim if your policy is paid?

If you have a current insurance policy and are in a car accident, but have an expired license, it is up to the insurance company if they will pay the claim or not. It could be in their clause not to, if a person does not have a valid drivers license, especially if you are the one at fault.

Can a get a Texas drivers license is your California drivers license is suspended but not expired?


Can you get ticket with insurance but expired license?

You have insurance and drivers license is expired can you be ticketed

Drivers license are suspended in SC but have expired drivers license in NC can i renew NC drivers license?


Does Driver's license need to be current or can it be an expired drivers' license?

it has to be a current driver's license it CANNOT be expired

Is an expired drivers license acceptable for the TSA?


Can you travel on Delta Airlines with expired drivers license?

No, the TSA would not accept this and you would not be allowed to travel on Delta airlines with an expired drivers license.

What happens if you get involved in an accident with expired license but its not your fault?

i had a suspend license and i involve with accident and idid not stop

Can you renew your drivers license if your green card is expired?


How renew expired Massachusetts drivers license?

You can renew your expired Massachusetts drivers license at the Massachusetts RMV. Bring the required documents and applicable fees to complete this transaction.

If you have an expired drivers license in Michigan how do you apply for a license after moving to Tennessee?

Since you license is expired you'll have to take the drivers test like the teenagers. Try getting your license renewed in Michigan and then transfer it to Tennessee. Hope this helps.

What happens if you are involved in an auto accident and you have an expired license?

Subject to any exclusions in the policy you more than likely will still have coverage. Not enough information to be of much help.

What happens when you hit someone backing up when that person has an expired drivers license?

If you're responsible for the accident, you're still responsible even if the other person hasn't got a driver's license.

Consequences for driving with an expired drivers license in New York?

There is what so ever no consequences for driving on an expired license as long as you remain in the state your license is under.

What do you do if your drivers license was suspended now it is expired?

Get a bus pass

Are you in trouble if your drivers license is expired and you get pulled over?


What is 12500axx29 of the california vehicle code?

Expired drivers license

How long can I drive with my expired Drivers License in California?

You can't.

Can you use an expired drivers license as a form of identification in Texas?

No, expired identification cards are expired - you need to get a new one.

What happends if you get in a car accident with out a drivers license?

Most states will give you a citation for not having a drivers license.

Can you buy a car in Texas if you have a Maryland Drivers license?

no because you have a certain amount of time to change your address and get a new license if not done in that time period your drivers license is basically expired even though it hasn't expired on the date

Can you get married with a expired drivers license?

You can get married WITHOUT a driver's license. But you'd probably need a marriage license.

Can you get points against your drivers license in penna for expired registration?

No. But you can be fined.