What can help you get noticed by professional Football soccer scouts?

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The best way I can think is to be different. Lots of players dye their hair green to get noticed or gold boots etc...remember if you are to do this then ensure your going to have a good game!

Johann Cruyff said it best the game is simple a good pass today is a great pass. A good shot is a great shot. Everyone can pass and shot but few make the simple functions great.

Im still a young player but i know the number one thing is work hard never stop working your hardest its also what u do on your own time that helps always play like there is a scout watching you practice all your skills on your own time and when with friends practice your team game that's what i have been taught

u don't want to make ur equipment or how u look be the reason u get noticed. if u got bright green hair then, yes, u'll be seen, but what scouts look for is that flare and surge in each player. they want someone who can take control of any situation and make into a scoring chance. being a finisher is good, but making the plays is even better. make ur personality and skill the part why u deserve to be on the team

Hi how are you doiung today? Am wondering how do become i scout fopr soccer can you let me know how to become one as acout please and thank you have nice day heres my email