What can i do to stop the weight loss in my legs?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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what u do is WORKOUT!

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Q: What can i do to stop the weight loss in my legs?
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How do you reduce weight loss in legs?

do some excercise that's said to tone your legs

How do you stop weight loss with swimming?


How much weight can I loss I'n a week is I stop eating sugar?

not much, but it will help you from gaining weight.

Does anyone know tricks for rapid weight loss?

There is no trick for a rapid weight loss. It is neither healthy nor long-lasting. The only way to a quick weight loss is starvation. As soon as you stop starving yourself, the weight will come right back.

What might cause your weight loss to stop?

The product you are using thinks you are fat and does not like you

How do you skate How to stop?

Skating involves shifting the weight of your body with your hips and legs. Skates have brakes on the back of them that can be used to slow down or stop.

Does Marijuana cause weight loss?

Marijuana does not directly affect weight loss or gain. It is known to stimulate the appetite of people who use it regularly. People who eat more because of this may gain weight. People who stop using marijuana and stop eating as much due to a reduced appetite may lose weight.

Do steroids stop weight loss?

Studies have found that steroids do in fact tend to stop weight loss (unless you are on a diet).Steroids also help convert fat into lean muscle so one might weigh more then they look like.

How many points is tequila on weight watchers?

If you are trying to lose weight drinking will throw you off any weight loss you have going. Drinking affects the body chemistry and can cause weight loss to stop for at least 2-3 weeks. It doesn’t matter what points it is.

When you stop eating do you lose weight?

Yes , you lose weight since your body starts using stored fat as an energy source , but i dont advise it as a way of weight loss

Is jogging good for losing weight?

Running or jogging is one of the simplest and most effective workouts for weight loss, as it involves the whole body, with particular focus on the large muscles of the legs.

Can you gain weight by stop taking acai berries?

As long as you maintain a healthy diet and excercise, you will NOT gain the weight back just because you stopped using acai berry. You might experience a decreased weight loss, but you will suddenly start gaining it back. If you stop using acai, stop eating healthy, and stop exercising, you WILL gain the weight back, if not more.