What can i take for leg cramps?


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Most leg cramps can be relieved with some simple stretches and other measures. If you have leg cramps frequently, I recommend making an appointment with your doctor to discuss treatment options.


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For leg cramps you can take Advil or have a doctor give you muscle relaxers. Also try bananas they have potassium that helps leg cramps.

If you are experiencing leg cramps because of blocked arteries in the legs, you can take a low dose of aspirin to prevent these cramps, combined with exercise.

Leg crampsLeg cramps has been reported by people with low density lipoprotein abnormal.

ask our local physician he may know :)

No, generally, Ibuprofen should not cause leg cramps. Ibuprofen is a pain medication that women can take when they are on their periods for the most part in many cases.

Aspirin will work on leg cramps. It is a medication that is called an NSAID. It will help with many other things as well, as it is an anti-inflammatory. Only take as directed.

Can drinking water prevent leg cramps

Eating foods high in potassium can significantly reduce leg cramps. If you choose to use a tablet supplement be very careful, you don't want to take too much.

People often get leg cramps during the night because of reduced blood-flow to the limbs. Often people who do not drink enough water experience cramps and also people who do not have enough sodium, or magnesium also get leg cramps frequently! :)

Yes, it causes leg cramps for me. It does wonders for my arthritis and other aches and pains. But, after a few days, I will wake up in the middle of the night with leg cramps, usually on the inside of my thighs - even sometimes in both legs at the same time. I try to take potassium. This seems to help.

the cause of leg cramps is the tightening of the muscles in your leg and it really hurts it is painful it can wake u up in the middle of the night and it is not pleasant

Leg cramps have absolutely nothing to do with menstruation. If you have leg cramps it may be due to increased activity or strain on your legs, if it continues for more than a week see your doctor.

Leg cramps can be a sign of low calcium (a common reason for charlie horses). Try drinking more milk or taking a supplement like Caltrate. Also, apply heat when you feel the cramps coming on. It may not be perfect, but it should give some relief.

The cause of leg cramps are likely to happen from stopping blood flow throughout your leg, maybe being in an uncomfortable position for a period of time as well.

magnesium & potassium work wonders for leg cramps. There is also a formula sold in Health Food stores called "leg Cramps" by Hyland's Homeopathic. It has been around forever. You can acyually take all 3 of those.

Some ideas to prevent idiopathic leg cramps, nocturnal leg cramps, include changing sleeping posture to relax the leg muscles you could try sleeping with legs hanging out of the bed. Make sure you stretch leg muscles before bed and keep hydrated.

A person with constant leg cramps will need to have this seen by a doctor. This may be the result of overworking muscles or may have a different cause.

The cause of leg cramps at night is due to the wrong of way of laying on bed or wearing some thing heavier. The leg cramps main cause is the stop of blood supply cause by different type of acts while sleeping.

I'm an RN, never heard of anyone complain of leg cramps with Coumadin. However leg cramps, redness swelling or tenderness in the calves can be signs of a DVT (blood clot in the leg). Probably your best bet would be to consult your doctor and rule out anything serious.

Leg aches and cramps aren't typical pregnancy symptoms, but every woman is different. Take a test and/or see a doctor. they are not typical, BUT, it is a symptom. i am experiencing the same thing, but not just the legs are achy, my arms are also achy. ; ) Answer: I had horrible leg cramps with my first pregnancy. So it is possible.

Morton Salt Substitute. Take 1/8th teaspoon with lots of water. It contains potassium and can work quickly to alleviate the leg cramp. Eat a banana. It will not affect your diabetes.

Lack of Potassium Lack of Potassium

u should take a warm bath so that all of your muscles loosen up or just rest.

The amount of tonic water needed to help with leg cramps varies. The amount is dependent on the size of the person who needs it.

There are a number of causes of leg cramps, some age or gender related, some related to bigger health issues, and some very simple problems related to our life style choices. Some common causes of leg cramps are sitting or lying in the same position for too long, not drinking enough water, or the lack of iron, potassium, magnesium, or calcium in your diet. Women are also more prone to leg cramps during pregnancy or when they hit menopause. Diabetics are also prone to leg cramps.

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