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What can kill worms?

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mold can kill worms

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Can you feed a horse carrots to kill worms?

No, carrots will not kill worms in a horse.

What drug is used to kill parasitic worms?

Antihelminthics kill parasitic worms.

Can antibiotics kill parasitic worms?

Antihelminthics are the drugs that kill parasitic worms.

Can sand kill worms?


Do you mix tide with water or not to kill worms?

Don't kill garden worms, they are needed to make the soil healthy.

Can worms kill cats?

Worms don't generally kill cats unless their owners don't take them to the vet. Cats can die of malnutrition from worms if left untreated.

Can you kill worms in a dog with d awn detergent?

no you cannot kill worms inside a dogs body with dawn detergent.

How do you kill round worms in cats?

You have to kill them. With the right stuff

Can turpen time kill intestinal worms?

While turpentine might kill intestinal worms outside of the human body, it can cause serious harm if ingested. To kill intestinal worms it is best to get a prescription from a licensed physician.

Can worms live in the sun?

worms can not live in the sun because it can kill them by frying them

Can worms kill humans?


How do you kill raspberry worms?

step on them

How do you get dogs to not have worms?

Kill it and then freeze it

Can worms kill your kitten?

They cant

How do you kill inch worms?

step on it

Can ring worms on your head kill you?


Will Tide kill grub worms?


How do you prevent the worms on your cucumber?

you kill them

Do plastic cups kill worms?


Does flea treatment for cats also kill worms?

No, flea treatments are only designed to kill the infestation of outside parasites. In order to kill worms, a dewormer has to be administered.

What can prevent goats from getting worms?

Drenching with a product that is registered to kill worms in goats.

Will isopods eat worms?

no, isopods do not eat worms, and worms do not eat isopods, they are both detritus feeders, although some parasite worms can kill isopods.

How do you kill dew worms?

Cause you get a shoe

How do silk worms kill plants?

by eating them

How do you kill canker worms?

light them on fire

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