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Texas does not allow wage garnishment or the forced sale of a primary residence when it pertains to creditor judgments. The creditor can place a lien against real property or sometimes vehicles, that belong to the debtor, levy on bank accounts (even those jointly owned) or petition to have non-exempt assets seized and liquidated for the repayment of monies owed.

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Q: What can occur if you do not pay on a judgment against you for a credit card in the state of Texas?
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Does new york allow wage garnishment 4 credit card debt?

No, not for the debt alone. For garnishment to occur in any state, the creditor must have a valid civil judgment. Unpaid credit card debt, however, is a common reason for a judgment to be issued.

Will a credit card company seize your car for unpaid credit card debt?

If a creditor/lender obtains a writ of judgment from the court in the state where the debtor resides, said judgment can be executed against real and personal property belonging to the debtor. In matters of judgments for CC debt in most US states it is possible for the judgment holder to place a lien against a vehicle (depending upon how the vehicle is titled) and request a forced sale. However, even though it is possible it is not in feasible for the judgment creditor to take such action and therefore highly unlikely to occur. The judgment debtor can also, garnish wages, levy bank accounts, seize and liquidate non exempt assets (stocks, bonds, etc.) or place a lien against real property. The judgment debtor should familiarize themselves with what real and personal property is exempted from attachment according to the laws of their state. Generally these exemptions will be the same as are allowed in bankruptcy proceedings.

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