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the numbers represent different data, such as your dob; state it was issued inetc, etc.

AnswerDo you mean specific to just the info revealed from the number itself? Like the first three numbers designate the state you were born in, etc.

Or do you mean...if someone knows your social security number, what can they do with it and/or find out about you?

That answer is : They can become you if they want to. They can use it to do everything you can do regarding finances, and more. Access your accounts, personal data, health records, apply and receive credit cards. Basically, with proper knowledge, they could write a book on your whole life that would be accurate. Most just choose to steal your identity for awhile, until they have financially ruined you, then move on to the next victim.

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Q: What can people find out about you from your Social Security number?
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Can someone find you through your social security number?

people can do almost ANYTHING if they have your social security number

How do you find out a social security number by name?

how to find deceased social security number

How do you find where someone is employed using their social security number?

You do not. Use of the Social Security number is the exclusive venue of the Social Security Administration as established by the Social Security Act.

Does a background find social security number?

As you ask, it is not possible if someone try to fing general background can find Social Security number. Only Social Security Authority or Government Authority can find it if it is needed or you requested it.

Can you find out your employment history through your social security number?

I would like to know if by using your social security number can you find your employment history?

How can you find your daughters social security number?

take her birth certificate to the social security office and file for a new social security card. if she is in school they should also have that number.

Is there a website where you can find your own Social Security number?

No, there are no websites that offer social security numbers. The only way to obtain your social security number is to take your birth certificate and other documents to a social security office.

How can i find person using their social security number?

There are many web sites that can help you find a person using their social security number. This is legal, but they do charge a fee. You can search your browser by typing in things such as "People Search" or "Find Someone", etc.

Where can one find the social security number verification service?

One can find social security number verification service by going to the official website of the U.S. Social Security. One needs to register and log in to get the verification.

How can you find out who a social security number belongs to?

All social security numbers belong to the federal government.

How do you find out family card number?

A person can find out their family members social security card number by asking the family member. A social security number should be kept confidential.

How do you find your social security number if you are a kid?

Your parents should have this information. Also, the Social Security Office has this information, however, you may need an adult to get your social security number. The best answer I can give you is to call your local Social Security Office.

How can you find out if a Social Security number belongs to the right person?

You can verify if a name matches with a Social Security Number with the Social Security Administration.

How can you find out were someone is working?

social security number

Can someone find out what your social security number if given the number on the back of the social security card?

No. The red numbers on the back of a social security card are control numbers that verify the authenticity of the card. They serve no other purpose.

How do you obtain the info by social security number if they had life ins?

im trying to find out if a family member had life insurance by using their social security number

How do you get a persons army serial number?

now days a military serial number is the assigned social security number. find the persons social security number and you have the army serial number............

The phone of the office of social security?

You can find the phone number for you local Social Security office by searching this site

Can someone use their Social Security number to connect a phone for someone else?

Your Social Security number is yours to use for a lifetime. If you find out that someone else has used it notify the Social Security Office immediately. No one can use their Social Security number to connect a telephone for another person. It is their own personal number for their use only for their lifetime.

Where can one find information on what identity theft is?

Social Security Number

How do you find out a person's Social Security Number?

In the US, to get a person's Social Security Number you must ask them for it, but they don't have to tell you unless you are their employer. Social Security Numbers are not public information and there is no place where you can go to get the number of a living person, other than to that person or their legal guardian.

Where can someone find information on social security for people with a disability?

There are various places where one could find information on social security for people with a disability. For example, the official website of US social security, SSA, provides information on programs that offer support and assistance to the disabled.

Where can I find a social security index?

No there is not. You will have to email or phone the company that you go your social security from. You will have to check the company's website for their phone number and email information.

where can apply for social security number in Baltimore?

You can contact your local social security office. To find the local office go to, on the left side is a link to find your local branch.

how can i find a local office or number for social security number questions Thanks.?

All you need to do is go online and search for social security administration and your city. This will give you an office that handles social security numbers. If you can not find it online, just look in the goverment pages of your local white pages (they are the blue pages).

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