What can the average 17-year-old bench press?


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It all depends on how much you weight, how long you have lifted and many other factors. A good scale to follow by is your body weight. The average 17 year old should be benching at or above your body weight.

This is what a person should be able to lift, but if you take the average 17 yr. old the can not bench their weight.. take the average doest play football or wrestle, which is the 2 primary sports where weight lifting is part of the program. They will lift weights in basketball but it is for a different purpose not for bruit strength its more for stamina.

Hell the average person should be able to do this as well but most people who do not work out can not lift their weight.

And Lebron James CANNOT bench 400 lbs. Shaq cant do much more then 400 lbs.