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Wow THE LAW CANT REALLY DO NOTHING BUT THE PARENTS CAN I WANT TO BE A LAWYER SO TAKE MY ADVICE THROW HIM OUT WHO CARES AND HE IS DATING YOUR DAUGHTER WHICH IS 16 AND HE IS 18 WOW U MUST BE REALLY CRAZY CAUSE YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING UNDER YOUR RUFF SO I SUGEST YOU TO THROW HIM OUT OR TAKE HIM TO COURT. IM 12 ABOUT TO BE 13 BUT IM REALLY SMART. do what the kid said, this is unacceptable and if something happens, you could be accused by the state of criminal negligence as a parent, and I'm 50. In most states there are not laws which would govern the situation as described. The 18-year-old male would in most states a legal adult, the 16-year-old female in most states would be of the age of consensual sex. It is a misconception that authorities apply existing state laws relating to adult and minor relationships in every situation. However, the state of residency may change the circumstances somewhat if the legal age of majority is higher than 18 the young man would be considered a minor and there could be complications if his parents or guardian objected to the arrangement. Authorities are reluctant to interfere in such a situation unless there are mitigating circumstances, such as a violation of the state's compulsory education laws or the living environment can be defined as one of neglect and/or abuse.

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Q: What can the law do if a parent is letting an 18-year-old stay at their home because he has nowhere to live and their 16-year-old daughter is dating him?
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