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What can the problem be if a fuse blows everytime after starting a 1999 Chrysler Concord?


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2005-08-11 23:59:45
2005-08-11 23:59:45

first make sure your battery's positive is disconnected to avoid being shocked. If possible take the whole fuse block down and look at the wires coming into the fuse block and make sure no bare wires are touching each other or metal on the car. from their find out where the wires go and trace them down. you have to have a short somewhere. look at all wires that travel next to your engine block and make sure no plastic has melted or wires melted and touching each other or metal.


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I have the same car with the same clicking noise right after you start the engine. The noise stops shortly after starting. There was a recall from Chrysler for this problem. Contact your local dealer regarding this matter.

It's either the ECM (computer) or the ABS computer. Last time I saw that problem, it turned out to be the ABS computer, which I picked up at a local junk yard for about $40.00. Good luck.

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They were grounded because of a series of crashes. The Concord could have been re-designed to fix the problem but the airlines decided that the cost was too great to make the use of them profitable.

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Possible internal timing system problem.Possible internal timing system problem.

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