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Shower or bathe to wash off the chlorine, then apply a cortisone cream, you might be allergic to the chlorine. Oral benadryl might help. If no improvement, go tp the ER/ When you swim in a pool during the day the sun reflects off the water so a burn is more likely to occur to the individual. Mix 1 cup of Epsom Salts (NOT LIKE TABLE SALT AND WON'T STING) with boiling water to melt the crystals. Run a TEPID BATH (body temp) and pour the mixture of Epsom Salts in the bath water and soak for a good 20 minutes. This will draw out the burn and is also great for sore muscles or itchy rashes. Got some news for ya. Those burns are not from chlorine even if those levels were at 10 ppm or higher.

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Why does a swimming pool burn your eyes?

It burns your eyes because of the chlorine that is added to the water to prevent dangerous bacterial growth.

What do people get hungry after swimming in an olympic pool?

Swimming burns a lot of energy.

What happens when aluminium burns in chlorine?

2Al + 3Cl2 ---> 2AlCl3 Aluminum + Chlorine ---> Aluminum chloride

In what situation would it be difficult to give first aid treatment to chemical burns?

Chlorine burns

What sport burns the most fat?

swimming and sprinting

Which summer olympic sport burns the most calories?

running, but swimming still burns a lot

Swimming pool and chemical burns?

This is not a question. Be specific

Do chlorine fumes affect respiratory system?

Yes, it burns.

What is the colour of the flame seen when sodium burns in chlorine?


Is chlorine safe?

It depends entirely on the concentration of the chlorine. If it's too strong, it can cause severe burns on the skin.

What can you apply to the skin after swimming and sunning in chlorinated water and the chlorine burns have left blisters on your skin?

I guess, you can help yourself with your skin by using lotions or such with Phytessence Wakame, Cynergy TK and CoQ10 can help to rebuild collagen, in fact they can stimulate keep it natural. That will help your skin condition make it better. Chlorine is not intriduced into pools in concentrations so high that they will raise blisters. Nor is the interaction of sunburn and chlorine likely to have any effect (unless whoever chlorinated the pool introduced a MASSIVE amount of chlorine, in which case you can expect a lot more than a few blisters). Instead, the blisters you refer to are likely second degree sunburn. Don't break the blisters. Cover them with a loose, protective dressing and wait. If they cover a surface area less than that of your hand, simple treat them at home: * Rinse gently with cool, clean water. Let air dry if possible. Be Very gentle. * Let the blisters alone until they pop on their own: * Debrided the dead skin, apply anticeptic liquids (not creams) and recover with a loose dressing. * Wound check at least once a day. * For the unblistered skin, there are lots of pleasant lotions that can help to ease the discomfort.

What colour does just chlorine turn in the flame test?

Chlorine burns green in the flame test, bottle green to be exact.

How is swimming healthy?

swimming is healthy because about 1 hour of lap swimming burns up to 1000 calories!! also it increases your heart rate.

Can chlorine cause skin burns?

Yes. If it is on the skin long enough and in a high enough concentration, it can cause chemical burns to the skin.

Exercise that burns the most calories at the YMCA?

I would say swimming.

What sport uses the most energy and burns the most calories?


What is a fun exciting exercise that burns calories that not flexible preteens can do?


What is a chemical that is toxic?

chlorine. if u inhale it, it burns your throat and lungs.. :o

Is chlorine a corrosive combustible or flammable?

Corrosive, but it also 'burns' with hydrogen gas

How do the properties of salt compare with the properties of sodium and chlorine?

Salt is a common condiment, while sodium burns on contact with water and chlorine gas is poisonous.

Which gas supports combustion other than oxygen?

Hydrogen burns in Chlorine to form HCl. Thus, CHLORINE gas supports the burning of Hydrogen.

Which of these activities burns 150 calories in the shortest amount of time?

swimming laps

Why does your penis burn after you swim?

Maybe yours is in someway cut or scratched that the chlorine burns it

The blue lagoon is it dangers?

the blue lagoon is very hot, and can burn the skin, my brother got bad burns from swimming in it the blue lagoon is very hot, and can burn the skin, my brother got bad burns from swimming in it

What is the product when hydrogen burns in chlorine?

Hydrogen chloride (HCl). It is commonly known as hydrochloric acid.