What can you do about a 6 disc CD changer in an 03 Eddie Bauer Expedition that won't load shows full but doesn't eject?

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Pull the fuse or unplug power to the unit, wait a minute and put the fuse/plug back in. Sometimes that will reset it.
I have found that a lot of burnt cd's are a hair bigger in diameter and get jammed in the Ford 6 disc changer... Just remove the stereo take the cover off manually remove the disc on top then plug it back in and it should eject all the other ones unless there are more that are stuck...

How do you remove the 6 disc CD changer in a 2002 Ford Focus?

Walmart also sells the tool for removal for 'bout $3. I bought a single CD player to replace the changer from Crutchfield and they supplied the tool as part of the package. My CD changer failed due to one of the black plastic trays that holds the CD. You just need a DIN tool for factory stereo remo ( Full Answer )

How do you change the front disc pads on a 2003 Eddie Bauer Expedition 4 wheel drive?

The front pads are similar to anyother disk brake system. Set the brake, jack up the front end. Remove the wheels. Now look for the two bolts on the back side of the brake caliper. 17mm I think. remove the top then the bottom. Have a bucket or crate to set the caliper on so you don't stretch the bra ( Full Answer )

The 6 CD player in your 2000 Honda Passport jammed and now it won't eject the remaining 4 won't load and won't play any ideas on how to go about fixing it?

press the eject button and hold it until the CDs eject I had this problem with my 2001 Rodeo, it is the first sign of the CD changer taking a crap and breaking. Answer The first mentioned response worked for a while with me too. Eventually, I had to have the unit replaced. My CD changer was chang ( Full Answer )

Your 2002 Nissan altima 6 CD changer is displaying err3 and won't play or eject how do you fix this error?

I Have the same unit in my 2001 Frontier, When that err3 showed i decided to open the unit myself and try to fix it. When i got it open the first thing i did is to give it a good looking over to see if there were any loose parts or disconnections. I found a small white plastic gear loose inside the ( Full Answer )

How do you repair a 6 CD changer that shows a CD error message on a 2005 Ford Focus?

Gotta love the standard 6 CD changer that can't change CDs. I too have a 2005 Focus. From what I gather, there are three solutions to this problem: 1. Pull the fuse out. Consult your manual for the proper fuse number to pull. I have a 2005 ST, on that model it is fuse #42. 2. Disconnect your p ( Full Answer )

How do you hook up A CD changer in the 97 expedition?

You will need a radio that controls the CD changer. If you order it through Crutchfield it will come with the adapter harness for the vehicle. This is a lot easier than trying to guess and splice the wiring. Then you just run the wiring to the place you want the changer to go. Doing it without the r ( Full Answer )

Remove a CD stuck in intercom 6 CD changer will not eject or play?

For starts, there are narrow trim pieces on each side of the radio that pop off. This reveals holes in which you can insert a DIN tool that can be purchased at Autozone for $5. Presumably, you insert the tool to release clips and pull out the radio. Very tricky. Good luck.

How do you repair a CD changer that will not eject the CD's in a infiniti qx4?

There are companies that can get your CDs out of the Bose player and repair the unit for around $225 plus the cost for shipping. You can find the companies on eBay and other locations on the internet. You will have to remove the unit and send it in for repair. You can also find used units from junky ( Full Answer )

Why does your CD changer read no disc?

A compact disc player could read no disc because there is no discin the player. It could also read no disc because the disc in notcompatible or readable.

How do you remove the 6 CD changer on a 03 Tahoe?

Remove the decorative cover from your 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe six CDchanger. Remove the CD changer retaining screws. Remove the wiringharness from the back of the CD changer.

What does E-04 mean on a 10 disc CD changer?

Most likely short for Error-04 maybe this means it can't read your CD in slot 4, or any number of other things, depending on what the machine is doing.

My 6 disc changer is stuck?

One way to get a disc unstuck from a 6 disc changer is to try tohit eject while the car is off. This sometimes forces the disc toeject.

Why does Blazer CD player keep ejecting disc?

Sometimes CD players will reject burned CDs. Also, most of themwill eject CDs that are dirty or have scratches on them. Car CDplayers will also act up if there is a short in the wiring.

Mazda 6 CD changer does not work?

If your Mazda 6 6 CD autochanger does not work then remove the old (broken) one: http://www.browse.to.it/mazda6.HTML The symptoms are: 1/ won't change 2/ won't recognise the CD unit at all 3/ won't do anything but CD is recognised try here for a replacement: http://www.browse.to.i ( Full Answer )

How do you turn a 300 disc CD changer into a DVD player?

\nIts definitely not a simple task. Really the only thing from the CD changer you could use is the Transport system and the buttons on the front. \n. \nFirst, the laser from a CD player is of higher wavelength than that of a DVD player. This leads to higher resolution and the ability to read sma ( Full Answer )

Why won't my 1997 Ford Expedition CD changer not work?

there is no fuse on the CD changer of any for vehicle, they get the power from the factory radio If the radio displays NO DJ NO CD or BAD DISC that means the CD changer laser is defective and can't read the disc information nothing wrong with the magazine or the Cd's the CD changer needs to be repai ( Full Answer )

Why does monsoon 6 disc CD changer display message changer parked?

Ok, there has been a discussion about this over on g6performance.com. Here is a copy of the service bulletin one of the guys there dug up: #PIC4509A: Radio Displays Changer Parked Message - keywords battery CD display int intermittent intermittently no owners park radio - (Dec 27, 2007) Su ( Full Answer )

How do you remove a stuck CD from a Lexus is 300. the 6 disc changer says its not their but i know its in their...?

This is an involved procedure, but it's not rocket science. All it takes is two screw drivers (flat and Philips) and some patience. Any surface you don't want scratched needs to be covered by masking tape or a rag (if it's a horizontal surface). READ THE ENTIRE PROCEDURE FIRST. Then take your time ( Full Answer )

Why won't my MAC let me eject the CD?

you might have to go to the hard drive, go to the CD & manually eject it. instead of just pressing the eject button.

How do you repair a jammed 6 CD changer in 2001 Ford Expedition?

How to Remove a Stuck CD These suggestions have been gathered from the Forums posts here. Hopefully one of them will work to free your stuck compact disc. Try an Advanced Search for "stuck CD" in the Forums for more suggestions if none of these help. Here are some techniques to try when your CD get ( Full Answer )

How do you eject the magazine from the CD changer in a 2003 sl500 Mercedes?

open the trunk...find the CD player...on the left side of the trunk....open the cover....follow the arrow on top of the player....which means slide the player's cover towards the front of the car until it locks into place.You'll see the top of the magazine, and to the side, a small button...the ejec ( Full Answer )

How to remove stuck CD in a 6 disc CD changer for dodge?

You must remove the strip across the dash to remove the side panel to access the CD changer...if you have used paper label CD's you may have glue ick all over your rollers...if it continues to run when you use the radio it will strip the gears of the changer and it's all over.

What is a 5 disc CD changer?

It is a changer that you can load & store 5 CDs into and play any of these CDs you want and any time.

Where is the six disc cd changer in a 1999 sable wagon?

For a 1999 Mercury Sable wagon : I believe you will find the six disc CD changer ( if equipped ) in the cargo area behind the panel for the storage compartment / service compartment on the right side

Is inside of expedition XLT as big as Eddie Bauer expedition?

The Ford Expedition XLT or Eddie Bauer are two of Fords trim levels ( Eddie Bauer having more standard features than the XLT ) So , if the Ford Expeditions are the same model years , the amount of space inside is the same