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AnswerIf you have pet dander induced Asthma attacks your best bet is probably to not have a dog at all. There are different types products on the market (shampoos,wipes,etc.) that you can acquire at a number of pet shops as well as through your vet. There are also a number of naturals products that may help. Tea Tree oil is a product you can find it in your local health food store that helps to control pet dander when used on a regular basis.

Pets should be bathed and groomed at least once every couple of weeks (more often for longer haired dogs or dogs that like to get dirty). Regular vacuuming and dusting of carpets and furniture also helps control the amount of dander in the house. If you don't already have a dog and are looking to get one try getting a dog that is considered "hypo-allergenic". This does not mean that you are guaranteed not to have a reaction, it only means that you may be less likely to have one.

Work with your physician to try to figure out what it is about the dog that you are allergic to because if the reactions you have are severe your best bet may be to not own a dog at all.

AnswerIf you have asthma extremely bad or one of your children has it, then unfortunately there isn't much you can do. Asthma, as you know, is not to be played around with, especially in children. All dogs and cats have pet dander (even though some breeds don't shed.) Just like humans, we are constantly losing dead cells off our bodies and so does the pet.

If the asthma is mild, consult your doctor first. If he/she says it's OK to get a non-shedding dog, then you will need to keep your floors clean every day, not to mention vacuuming every day and that means the sofas as well. Bichon Frises are great little dogs that are robust, comical, love kids and very sturdy. These little dogs don't shed, nor do poodles. Cairns hardly shed at all (have owned both Bichon Frises and Cairns) and small pets are easier to bathe (approx. once every 2 months in the summer and once every 3 months in the winter.) These are indoor dogs and not meant to be left outside with the exception of "doing their business" and playing. The larger the dog the more dander. Don't get very small dogs if you have children. These smaller dogs are meant for lap dogs and carrying around and not able to play as boisterously as mid-sized dogs.

It's very difficult for especially children wanting a pet to know they can't have one. The good news is, in many cases the child can grow out of asthma. They simply don't know why, but all science knows is our bodies change every 7 years.

Also, when your child washes his/her hands (goes for adults as well) do it with warm water and SOAP and NOT ANTIBACTERIAL SOAPS! Antibacterial soaps are not only drying to the skin and will cause cracks in the skin causing infections, but, it takes the good bacteria off the skin and people are more apt to pick up colds, flues, etc. Good old warm water and soap is the best thing for everyone. Let the body do what it does best ... heal.

There are good air purifiers out there and well worth the cost to give you and your family some good clean air and perhaps this will also help with the pet dander.

Still, check with your doctor first.

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Q: What can you do about pet dander and asthma?
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Is there such a thing as allergy induced asthma?

This is called allergic asthma or allergy-induced asthma. Certain substances, such as pollen, dust mites and pet dander, are common triggers. It is asthma that comes on as a result of an allergic attack.

Does cat hair or cat dander cause asthma?

Cat dander because of all the pollen and dust found in the dander.

Can people carry pet dander on them?

Yes, pet dander can attach itself to one's clothing.

Do rabbits have pet dander?

Yes. All pets have dander.

Do horses have pet dander?

Yes. Horses produce dander.

Which animal causes asthma?

Furry and feathery animals are a common trigger of asthma symptoms. The allergens (the thing that causes the allergic reaction) are found in their saliva, flakes of skin (pet dander), fur and urine.

Does this vaccume get pet dander from carpet?

This hoover will absolutely remove pet dander as well as dust and pollen.

Do rabbits give you asthma?

No, rabbits don't give you asthma; but, if you have asthma, rabbit fur dander and the hay could make things worse for you.

Do yorkies have pet dander?


Do chinchillas have pet dander?

No, they don't:)

Can you have a Jack Russell dog if you have asthma?

Dog hair really don't affect asthma. They more affect allergies to dander. But if you do have allergies to dander, and want a Jack Russell, long-hairs are best as they shed less.

Do chihuahuas affect allergies or asthma?

Yes! They do! It is a miricle! Yes. Not in the way you think. If you are allergic to dogs, getting a chihuahua will make your allergies and your ASTHMA WORSE. This is a myth that they take away asthma. Be sure to have yourself tested for allergies first. If you are not allergic to dog dander, then you will be fine and have a cute active pet.

Can being around parakeets cause asthma or allergies?

If you are moderately allergic to dander, sometimes parakeet dander in your lungs may cause allergies.

Does dog hair trigger asthma?

Yes, if you have allergies to animal dander. People with asthma usually have strong reactions to anything they are allergic to.

How do you find out if you have an Allergy to ivy?

A persistent cough could be a cold. It could, however, also be asthma. If your "spring cold" has you coughing, but does not include a body ache or a sore throat, you could have "cough equivalent asthma" caused by an allergen such as pollen, pet dander, and dust,

How do use allergy in a sentence?

She has an allergy to pet dander.

Will hepa filters effective remove pet dander from the air?

Yes hepa filters remove dander as well as dust and pollen

Do Goldern Retrievers give off a lot of Dander?

Yes, they do shed dander almost constantly, even with daily brushing and frequent washing. Golden Retrievers and asthma do not mix. Not at all.

What are some of the symptoms of asthma in people?

Some symptoms of asthma are difficulty breathing in situations such as running, exercise, and dusty or dander places. An inhaler may be helpful when this happens.

How can someone find out if they are allergic to pet dander?

The best way to find out if you have an allergy to pet dander is to go to the doctor and have an allergy test. Usually an allergy test is performed under the guidance of an allergy specialist.

Can the ionic pro reduce pet dander?

Yes, the Ionic Pro states that it removes all airborne particles and specifically pet dander, and suggests studies show it is more effective than its competition.

Can dogs have asthma?

yes they can. asthma is a disease that effects some dog's and cats and some larger animals. If you think you pet may have asthma take you pet to the vet immediately! This may be fatal and send your pet into spasm.

Can you get a sinus infection from pets?

Not from the pet but from pet dander or from cats who use a litter box, yes, I believe so.

What does the slang word dander mean?

Dander is dead skin, much like dandruff. It is a fine powder and a major cause of pet allergies. Senstitive individuals get an immune reaction when they breathe pet dander. Using the word in idiom form refers to anger. If someone is "getting your dander up," it means they are arousing your anger. This usage is probably unrelated to the other meaning.

Do corgis cause asthma?

Yes, I believe Corgi dogs can trigger asthma. I have asthma myself and have noticed that particular breed does trigger my asthma. Corgis shed quite a lot and have a lot of dander. I noticed that when I vacuum my room it helps but it is almost impossible to get rid of all the hairs.