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Did you get a TITLE to the "stolen" car? If not, the you sorta assumed the risks. Was it actually stolen at the time of sale or just not removed from the list after being recovered?

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Q: What can you do if a car you purchased turned out to be listed as a stolen vehicle at the time of the sale?
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yes. it uses a gps tracking device that tracks the vehicle anywhere, except when the car is not turned on, so if you steal a car that is equipped with onstar, they will catch you the second the car is reported stolen.

A friend filed bankruptcy in Colorado and move to New Year to find a new job with his car that needs to be turned over to creditor what will happen?

If the creditor does not list the vehicle as a stolen vehicle, then during routine checks against your friends social security or drivers license number brings up their new location. they can take possession of it wherever they find it at. If they do list it as a stolen vehicle, then if the local authorities run the tag or VIN number, it will come up stolen and then there's a whole new mess to deal with.

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I paid in full for a vehicle and put someone else's name on the title. They took the vehicle and I have no access to it. What can I do?

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