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At this stage of the game, Bankruptcy or PAYOFF are about your only choices. OR work for CASH for a LONG time. MERRY Christmas Pay me now or pay me later. Regardless if the repossession was voluntary or involuntary, if there was a deficiency after the vehicle was sold you and any co-makers are responsible for payment. Most lenders are willing to accept payments as deficiencies are hard to collect. BEST OPTION for those considering vol repo... Sell the car and try to get the lender to carry any balance. This leaves the lender in a better position. In the end though YOU WILL PAY... through higher interest rates ( if you can get a loan now ), having to save money to replace your transportation, garnishment, bank levy, etc. Some will still go BR as a last resort. Good luck -

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Q: What can you do if you did a voluntary repo and now attorneys are threatening garnishment of 18K at 18.35 interest?
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If a judgment creditor over charged you on a writ of garnishment increasing the interest and the amount to be garnished can the judgment be vacated?

If a judgment creditor over charged you on a writ of garnishment increasing the interest and the amount to be garnished can the judgment be vacated?


It may from 5% Judgment to About 7% (changes annually) to my knowledge

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How long does a checking account garnishment last in Arkansas?

Until the debt and all fees, interest, etc. is paid.

is it legal for a garnishment collector to have been paid the amount owed in full, which was already twice the original amount due to interest to deny my settlment offer for which is only more interest left on the owed account?

You should refer to the judgement against you to determine what the Judge determined regarding interest. In terms of your garnishment, this is the only document that matters. If you feel you have been garnished too much you should contact an attorney.

If you do a voluntary repo and the dealership sells your car do they have any right to collect interest?

The contract called for interest as long as you had the car. IF they get a judgment for the balance owed on the contract, it will call for interest until it is paid. READ your paperwork.

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Can credit card company garnish your paycheck living in Louisiana?

Unfortunately for the consumer Louisiana is considered to be a "creditor friendly" state. Garnishment is allowed and the federal guidelines are used. The amount of garnishment usually granted is the maximum of 25% of disposable income with the first $154.50 being exempt from attachment. The garnishment order is effective immediately upon service, the employer must withold the amount weekly and submit it monthly to the court. A garnishment order remains in effect until the entire balance, court costs, legal fees and interest is paid in full.

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You should be able to get any questions you may have(you did not really ask one) from a Detroit Divorce Lawyer - 10800 W. Warren, Dearborn, MI‎ - (313) 478-3227‎

Can your spouse have a family car repossessed during a divorce?

No, everything in the court system takes steps. First, a petition is filed, both attorneys are notified. A hearing is set. Both attorneys argue their clients best interest and the judge makes a final decision based on the facts.

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If a truck and a camper are repossed voluntarily is there a penalty?

The "penalty" is a repo on your CR.,higher interest rates on future loans, and a possible judgement/wage garnishment against you. A repo is a repo is a repo in credit files.

If something has been sent to collection can the collection agency charge you interest?

If the original creditor charged interest then the collection agency will continue to accrue interest at either your states legal rate or whatever you agreed to in the original contract until the debt is either paid or sold to another collection agency or placed with an attorneys firm for legal litigation.

Can a SBA disaster loan garnish Social Security Disability?

The financial management service of the treasury dept. is threatening garnish my social security disability check if i don't pay them 110,000.00 which mostly interest. I have a heart condition and unable to work, lost business and sold house in short sale and gave them 13,421.22 dollars and that is all i could pay because they were the 3rd mortgage and they excepted the money now they want threaten me with a garnishment is there anything i can do to stop this.

Can you do a reaffirmation for a home mortgage debt under Chapter 7 bank?

Yes, but most attorneys will not sign off on it, because it is almost never in the debtor's best interest in reaffirming a mortgage.

Do you have to go to court for a garnishment after receiving a summons?

If the defendant does not respond to a summons, the plaintiff will usually win the case by default. A judgment will be awarded, a judgment can then be executed pursuant to state law, one option is wage garnishment. The defendant/debtor does not have to attend court. If he/she wants to protect property or perhaps have a chance to appeal the ruling, it would be in their best interest to make an appearance or retain legal counsel.

You just finished paying off a wage garnishment I got a bill in the mail stating that I still owe them more money to cover the interest so can interest accrue while being garnished?

In most instances and U.S. states judgment creditors are allowed to charge interest on valid judgments including those executed as wage garnishments. The interested party needs to check the laws of his or her state concerning such fees, as the percentage of interest and the application of same vary.

Where can you find free attorneys?

It is difficult to get a free attorney that is reliable and interested in their clients best interest. The only time a person will receive a free court appointed attorney is when involved in a criminal case.

If my car was repossessed can i get another auto loan?

Yes, but it might have to be a place that carries their own paper-which means more interest if no one else will do it. It also depends on circumstances. (Was it voluntary)

Can a creditor demand more money after a garnishment has been paid in fullthey are claiming it is interest.Our court papers said total included interest.?

If you have satisfied the terms of the judgment then they would need to go back to court for additional money.

Is having a voluntary repossession on your credit report bad and if so how does it affect your credit and for how long?

YES its bad you dont get the lowest interest rates IF lenders will loan to you 7-10 years

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No. Recusal (disqualifying oneself from a case) for conflict of interest is a voluntary action; justices cannot be penalized for refusing to do so. Unfortunately, this has lead to situations where justices have heard -- and voted on -- cases in which they should not have been involved.