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The court is interested in getting you to follow the law. You were speeding and will be fined accordingly. HOWEVER, if you can prove you were not speeding at the speed cited on the ticket, you may have a chance at getting the judge's attention to reduce the fine to 10 mph instead of 20 mph. Mind you, he has heard every excuse in the book. What you need, in order of preference: 1. an attorney to represent you 2. documented proof you are not able to go 85 mph 3. witnesses (unrelated to you) who will testify you were only doing 75 mph 4. dispute the officer's evidence that you were doing 85 mph (what this means is if the officer was using a radar gun, check to see if the gun was in calibration, if the officer knew how to use it, if it could actually be used where the officer states you were being "tracked"). Failing any of the above, you may just end up paying the full amount. Remember, a traffic court is run by a commissioner typically and there is no right to a jury trial. Good luck.

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Q: What can you do if you got 85 mileshour ticket in 65mi zone but you was actually driving 75mi Is it anyway you can get it changed in court or what else you can do in this case?
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