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pee on the engine it will smoke

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Q: What can you do if you have a car lease and car has numerous repair problems and car will not smog now?
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What is air pollutants such as ozone and smog are?

Ozone and smog are pollutants at ground level. They cause various problems.

One of the largest problems in Santiago Chile is?


Why is breathing smog harmful?

Smog has ozone and sulfuric acid. It can cause asthma problems, eye irritation, and even lung cancer.

What is an example sentence using the word smog?

The area's smog usually returns within a couple of days.

What environmental problems does New York State have?

It has pollution, smog and more.

What is London-type smog?

The London type of smog (smog "Classic" as opposed to photochemical smog as is popular in other major cities) is the result of coal smoke (particulate matter from incomplete combustion and sulfur dioxide) and fog, The resultant heavy acidic mixture of smoke an dfog an create a number of problems related to acidic precipitation and health problems such as asthma.

What are problems caused by photochemical smog?

Problems caused by photochemical smog are:It will cause a decrease in lung capacity and lung elasticity.It will cause damage to leaf tissues.It will corrode synthetic material.It will crack rubber and synthetic rubber products.

How does smog hurt the animals and humans?

Humans: Breathe it in and cause or aggrivate health problems such as Asthma, Emphysema, and Chronic Bronchitis. Along with pother respiratory problems. Animals: Can be medically injured when the smog is breathed in, but can also can die from it as well.

How much will it cost to repair timing in order to pass smog?

The cost to repair a timing problem so the car will pass a smog test varies from car make, car model and shop. It could cost somewhere between $60 and $200+ depending on part and labor costs.

What health problems can be developed from smog?

people living in these areas are more likely to develop asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory problems

What problems have been caused by smog in Beijing which affected preparations for the 2008 Olympics?

it killed people

What environmental problems do unburnt hydrocarbons contribute to?

Atmospheric pollution, smog, green house effect.

Is smog heterogeneous?

Smog is heterogeneous because smog is a mixture of liquid, gas and solids.

What effects does smog have on the planet?

smog is smoke+fog. its illeffects are: 1 it causes respiratory diseases such as bronchitis or asthma 2 it causes air pollution 3 it causes driving problems 4 it blackens the buildings

What is the smog pump?

pumps smog

Is smog important?

No, it is not. Smog is a pollutant.

What does smog abatement mean?

Smog abatement means reducing the amount or intensity of smog.

Photochemical smog is a brown type of smog made when?

Photochemical smog is a type of smog made when hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides mix with sunlight.

How do you use the word smog in a sentence?

Smog means a combination of smoke and fog. It's pollution. Here are some sentences.The smog is really bad today.Large cities have more smog than smaller ones.The street was obscured by heavy smog.i couldn't see well because of the smog.Los Angeles is famous for smog.Smog is a combined form of the words 'smoke' and 'fog'. I don't like smog.Sometimes the smog has a stronger smell.

Identify three environmental problems caused by the burning of fossil fuels?

Acid rainGlobal WarmingPhotochemical Smog

Does smog cause pollution?

smog is pollution.

How do you use smog in a sentence?

You see L.A. when the smog goes away. The smog is becoming unbearable.

What does smog do?

It Just Makes You Cant See And StuffAnswer:First a brief discussion of what smog is.There are two types the smog:Smog "classic" found in London which was a mixture of fog, soot, and sulfur dioxides, andPhotochemical smog present in places like Los Angeles which is a mixture of ozone, oxides of nitrogen, hydrocarbons and other nasties resulting from the interaction of car exhausts (primarily) and sunlight.Classic smog caused breathing difficulties due to the presence of the sulfuric acid droplets. These same droplets ate away at stone and metal and killed plants.Photochemical smog causes increased asthma rates, allergic reactions, kills plants, causes lung problems (cancer).

Why are cities trying to reduce their smog levels?

Smog can have a number of effects. First, smog can affect people with respiratory problems, like asthma and bronchitis, by making them grow worse over time. It may contribute to lung cancer and chronic pulmonary disease as well. The oxidants of smog can cause eye irritation, increased coughing, and reduced athletic performance at a certain range. Smog can also affect agriculture because it is responsible for 2 plant diseases: smog injury and grape stipple. This can lead to serious economic consequences. Smog also causes the deterioration of materials. The first signs of it are cracking and the disintegration of stretched rubber. Paints and fabrics begin to lose their strength and color from the oxidants as well. Finally, smog can lead to decreased visibility. These are some reasons why cities are trying to reduce their smog levels.

Is smog a pure substance or a mixture?

smog is a mixture