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What can you do if you have trouble recording your stored DVR selections to a DVD disc?

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Many of the programs that you see on television are now copy protected and carry much the same protection as found on the commercial DVD's that you purchase. IN the past, I've even had the recording shut off on my computer while recording something directly from the satellite receiver. I really shouldn't be telling you this, but if you can find yourself a Sima brand `GoDVD' unit and use the composite audio and video connections from the DVR to your computer, you can generally make the thing work. One word of caution though. YOU are responsible for violating copyright laws if you copy or duplicate copywritten material. I'm just giving you this information for educational purposes only. (After all, I'm a technician and it's my job to know this stuff.) If you can�t record anything new: * Make sure your disc is not write-protected. Check your owner�s manual for more information about unlocking your disc. * Make sure you aren�t trying to record copyrighted material. If you are trying to record copyrighted material, �Copy Protected� may be displayed on some DVRs. If you schedule a recording and it doesn�t record: * Double check the time and channel you set to record. Review your manufacturer�s manual for detail instructions for scheduling a record. * Verify the time set on the clock. I know this seems trivial, but if your time is off � it won�t record! My disc isn�t compatible with another DVD player * Is your recording long enough? * Is your disc finalized? Where can I get help with my DVR hardware? If you need help with your DVR hardware, visit your DVR manufacturer�s web site to locate tutorials, FAQs or a support center phone number. Some of the common DVR manufacturer�s include: Note: This is not a complete list of DVR manufacturers. This list only serves as a starting place for your research. If you don�t find your manufacturer on this list, search for yours via a search engine like Yahoo or Google. * TiVo: * Philips: * Pioneer:,,2076_4137,00.html? * Toshiba: * Humax:

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What is the way data is stored in the Windows OS?

Data is stored on the hard disc. The more memory hard disc has the more data can be stored.

What is a related records stored on a storage medium such as hard disc or optical disc?

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What type of drive reads information stored on a compact disc?

A CD (Compact Disc) Drive.

What does a double-layer drive mean?

Some DVDs are dual-layered, allowing twice the data to be stored on a single disc. The data is written into an extra layer in the disc itself, not on the back. A double layer-drive is a device that allows the reading and, depending on the model, recording of these discs.

What is a CD-ROM disc?

A CD-ROM disc is the disc for a compact disc read-only memory drive to use. The information stored on the disc is "read" by scanning the spinning disc with a laser and looking at the reflected beam to discover the data strings encoded onto the disc. The disc found wide-spread applications in the music recording and later the computer data recording industry. Further developments produced the DVD and also allow both the CD and DVD to be written to and re-written to with relative ease, pleasing both the music lovers and the personal computer (PC) users. The disc itself has a reflective layer sandwiched between two layers of polycarbonate plastic. Particulars on the disc and the methods of encoding (which is the scheme for putting information on the disc) can be found by using the link below to the Wikipedia post on the compact disc. The reading is easy, and there are links to related terms and ideas.

What is the price of a music compact disc?

Whatever price that is charged to the buyer. Prices can fluctuate greatly between recording labels and recording artists.

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Data is what is stored on a computer, disc or drive. Information is what we get from the data. Data is information, it can be stored anywhere. A computer is simply one place where it may be stored.

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The first 78 recording discÊcame out in 1898. This was the speed that was chosen for the phonograph as the earlier music recorders had speeds that started at 60 rpm.Ê

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How many hard copy pages can be stored on this device?

Please mention the volume of the disc.

Can you put a PS3 game from disk to be stored on the PS3?

no only some information is stored for the next time you play the game, you can not download the game disc

What is the different between compact disc and driver CD?

A compact disc, also known as "CD" is simply a disc for CD drives as we know it. it may have music, movies, word documents, picture etc. or no data at al stored on it. A "driver CD" is simply a compact disk with drivers (most likely for computer hardware) stored on it.

How much data can be stored on a CD disc?

yes depends on how many mintues it could hold.

What format is a Digital Video Disc format?

Digital Video Disc - also known as digital versatile disc or more commonly DVD, is a format where data can be stored onto a disc. It replaces video and video recorders, as DVD-Rs can be bought and recorded onto.

What does 'CD' mean?

In computers and recording, CD stands for Compact Disc. In banking it means Certificate of Deposit.

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What does the abbreviation DVD mean?

Digital Video Disc. It means a video is on a flat disc and the information is stored in digital format. Read the Wikipedia article on DVD for more information.

Why does your torrent of Lego rock raiders not play the music or movies?

Those files are stored on the disc. You likely only torrented the files the disc installs onto the computer when run.

I am looking to sell few of my xbox one games however my games i am selling have been played. Is there any way i can get rid of the data on my games?

Save data for games are not stored on the disc, they are stored on your hard drive and the cloud. So the new owner will not have access to any of your files and won't have any trouble starting a new save game.

What is embr?

"EMBR" can stand for "Extended Master Booted Record". This is related to the hard disc, recording and programming. Also "embr", can stand for embryo.

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Are compact discs digital recordings?

The data written onto compact discs is in a digital format. It may not have originally been written in a digital format, but will be converted to digital in order to write it to a compact disc. Some music/audio compact discs show whether the data was digital or analogue at each stage of: * original recording * mixing * recording to CD by showing a three letter code where A indicates analogue and D digital. ADD would indicate an original analogue recording with a digital mixing and then the digital compact disc recording.