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just deal with it. or call or email them telling them you dont want it anymore

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Q: What can you do if you paid for a lifetime membership to LimeWire but do not want it?
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How much is a lifetime membership for moshi monsters?

The Free Basic Membership lasts for as long as you want the membership. There is no paid lifetime membership on Moshi Monsters, but you can set up your paid Moshi Member account to automatically renew the account by charging your (or your parent's) credit card.

If you are a lifetime member and rejoin weight watchers do you pay the full amount like you were joining again?

According to "Once a Lifetime Member, always a Lifetime Member! If you want to go back to meetings as a Lifetime Member, just bring your Lifetime Membership book or Membership number to the meeting you want to attend. If you don't have your Lifetime Membership number, you can call 1-800-651-6000 and request it or email us." The contact form for lifetime members to send an email to them is here:

How do you sign up for Moshi Monsters?

Go to and click on the link at the top that says "Membership". Then decide if you want a Free Basic Membership or a Paid Membership. If you want the Basic Membership, click on the '(sign up here)' link in the sentence at the top. If you want a Paid Membership, click on the 'Join Now!' link. Then follow the instructions for completing your registration. Depending on where you live, and how old you are, you may need to have your parents help you sign up.

What if i don't want LimeWire?

If you don't want Limewire, then don't download it. If you want to uninstall Limewire, go to start -> programs-> limewire -> uninstall. Or go to Start-> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs-> click on Limewire -> click uninstall or change.

If you have LimeWire on your computer can you get songs from your iPod to go into LimeWire on your computer?

No. LimeWire is a program that downloads stuff. If you want a song on LimeWire, just download it.

Is there a moshi monsters code to be a member for one day?

You can get a free Basic Membership and be a member for however long you want to be. As for a paid Moshi Membership, the shortest membership term you can purchase is one month.

You want to cancell LimeWire permanently?

how do i cacell limewire permanently on my computer?

How can gingersnap make you a Moshi Monster member?

No Moshling can make you be a Moshi Monster member. You need to sign up to be a member and then choose if you want the free Basic Membership or if you want the paid Moshi Monsters membership.

Does everyone use their moshi membership?

No. There are lots of reason why someone might create an account and then stop using it. They might not want to keep paying for a membership or might not have the money for a paid membership. They might not want to keep playing with the free membership because you can't access everything on Moshi Monsters with a free account.

Can you go to Nimbus Station on Lego Universe free version?

I'm afraid not. If you want to visit there you will have to have a paid membership.

Is downloading copyrighted music while you are a LimeWire pro user illegal?

NO. LimeWire Pro means you are paying for the media that you download. So that means it is not illegal. This is because you are technically BUYING the media that you want at home instead of going to the store. If you have NOT paid for LimeWire, however, then it IS illegal. You are stealing the media. Downloading media from LimeWire for free is the same thing as robbing a store's CD's.

You have LimeWire installed in your computer and i want to download song using LimeWire but you dont know the procedure?

At the top of the LimeWire screen, click on the word "Help" and then on "Using LimeWire". ANSWER: IT'S ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Club Penguin why is there membership?

Because if you want clothes, items for your igloo or access to members only parties then you need membership. It is there so the people who work at and for club penguin get paid for what they are doing.

Why is the new Itunes version not compatible with LimeWire?

if you want the answer to fix the itunes with limewire any itunes verison and limewire will cost you 2,99$ msg me at

How do I find you to download a free movie I have already paid and 54.71 for the membership?

I just want to know how to log on so i can watch a movie.

How do you become a moshi monster member without paying and getting to do the cool stuff paid members do?

In order to do the cool stuff paid members get to do, you have to be a paid member. Otherwise, no one would want to buy a paid membership if they could do everything for free!

How do you download music off LimeWire to your mp3 player?

you download limewire of the internet then once you have it you search the song that you want

How do you download LimeWire to itunes for free music?

Don't do it. Limewire is full of junk you dont want on your computer. Nothing is free.

How do you drag the songs from LimeWire to iTunes?

First you need to have i-tunes open AND Limewire. One you get the songs you want from Limewire, make a limewire playlist folder in your i-tunes. After you do that, go to your Limewire library and drag your songs onto the word "Limewire" in your i-tunes playlists on the left hand side. Your songs should appear! Hope this helps! ~M!$$ P3Y!~

How do you activate your gold membership on panfu?

say you want membership

You want to know if anyone had a membership and will share with you?

A clubpenguin membership

How do you burn a CD with songs off of LimeWire?


How do you get photos from LimeWire to your ipod?

limewire is illeagal, u might not want to ask a question like that from a computer, because they can trace it back to you.

You want to remove LimeWire but cannot find it as LimeWire. What program would you refer to.?

Have you loooked in ALL PROGRAMS in yoour PC ? You should be able to find LIMEWIRE there and it should be called LIMEWIRE. Also try going to add/remove programs

Are there any websites that do not include membership?

It depends on the website and the kind of website you want to access. There are websites that do not require membership. There are websites that ask you to at least sign in with a username and email address to access more of their website. There are websites which offer a free membership which gives limited access to their website and also offer a paid membership with unlimited access.