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Minor children have little recourse in deciding which parent they want to live with. They do, however have the right to express their preference/feelings to the judge.

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Can step parent adopt here significant children How does that all work?

Yes it is possible for a step parent to adopt their significant others child. The process is done with the help of a judge.

Can a parent living in Pa move child out of state without the other parents consent?

no because you have to have the judge and the other parent to say yes

Is jayz a parent?

is jayz a parent and is he living with byonce

If a minor child receives social security from a deceased parent does the living parent still pay child support?

The living parent may still be ordered to pay support. Why doesn't the living parent have custody? see link below

Are you still an orphan if you live with your stepmother?

dont know probably not because ur still living with a parent

Can a parent get temp custody of child if other parent is now living in a hotel because ex wont leave their home?

Either parent can file for temporary custody, while in possession of the child. Challenging this claim will require a full hearing. Living circumstance is not always a consideration in the initial filing.see link

Does one sibling is living with a parent that dies have that sibling more rights than other siblings not living with parent at the time of death?

No, both sibling have the same right to inherit from a parent. The parent can choose to give children different inheritances by will.

What is the first living organism whose parent is not a living thing but a computer?


Does a parent living in Michigan have a right to know about the personal life of their dependent?

I think yes because they should know about their dependants life.

Can you be found guilty of having an overnight visitor while your child was present?

Unless the custodial order specifically forbids either parent from having significant others from living or engaging in an extended stay at their residence, there would be no basis for contention. This does not mean that a parent could not petition the court to have the oder amended to include such stipulations. But unless just cause such as child endangerment could be proven, it's unlikely the motion would be granted..

What is the rights of a teen parent that is still living at home with their parents in Pennsylvania?

what right does a parent or guardianhave when a 18 year old is still living at home in pennsylvania

Why do you are like your parent?

I like my parents because they cared for me when I was little. I like my parent because they gave me morale support. I like my parent because they were created by the Almighty

How do you help a friend living overseas that's experiencing abuse from their parent but won't call the police because they're an immigrant?

"Mind your business"

What is the rights of a teen parent that is still living at home with their parents in Illinois?

A teen parent living at home with their parents has the right and responsibility to raise their child and not leave it up to the grandparents to do it.

Can a 16 year old live with a non custudial parent if the other parent has died in Ok?

It depends on why the living parent didn't have custody. If the custodial parent has passed away the noncustodial parent has to apply for custody in court.

Can a non-custodial parent seek payment from the custodial parent during the time when the child is living with the non-cusodial parent?

Only if the noncustodial parent becomes the custodial parent and gets a judgment to this effect.

What is the responsibility of a trustee if the parent is still living?


If your 18 and still in school and living with a parent can they kick me out?


Is it better for living parent to give home or cash?


What did Piggy's aunt do for a living and why did he live with her?

Piggy's aunt runs a candy store. Piggy live with his aunt because both of his parent are dead when he was little

Can one parent take a child out the countrywithout the others consent?


How do you take someone off childsupport?

It requires a motion to the court. If there is a legitimate reason for this, an official request can be made with the Office of Child Support Enforcement by the obligee parent. However, the obligor parent should only allow this in cases where the parents are back living together, and not because so called "other arrangements" have been made. This can lead to significant problems if the obligee parent changes their mind at some point in the future and claims no-support, or worse, by moving to another state and filing a new claim, retroactive.

Can a parent have an adult child hospitalized?

Only if the parent is the legal guardian of the child's person. If the child is a danger to herself or others, the parent can petition the courts for involuntary commitment.

What is a living thing that produces another living thing like itself called?

A living thing that produces another living thing like itself is called a parent.

What if a noncustodial parent has a significant pay increase?

Nothing until a motion to modify support is filed.