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I'd recommend talking to your son directly. This is a family issue is it not? A 17 year old runaway problem is a problem that should be solved by the family, not the district attorney. My appologies if that sounds like a value judgement. It's not.

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Can you prosecute someone for taking your mail?

No, the U.S. Attorney will prosecute, at his or her complete discretion, after an investigation by the Postal Inspector.

What is the job of the Manhattan district attorney?

To prosecute criminals.

Who are authorized to prosecute a criminal cases?

The crown attorney

What is the role of district attorney?

To handle police cases and to prosecute people.

Which of these describes the duties of the district attorney?

Prosecute crimes within the county.

Who would prosecute a district attorney?

A special prosecutor would be appointed. It is normally a prosecutor from a neighboring area, or an experienced defense attorney.

How do you prosecute someone for taping your conversation?

You don't prosecute someone for this, the District Attorney does. You would need to speak with your local police department and tell them what happened and they can get the ball rolling for this.

Who has the authority to refuse to prosecute a case after indictment?

The district attorney or other prosecuting attorney's office.

Who can prosecute a person accused of a crime?

In state courts it is the Office of the State's Attorney. In the Federal courts it is the Office of the United States Attorney. (the judge) for most

What is the law in Arkansas for evicting a former boyfriend from the girlfriends residence?

You should talk to either an attorney or the prosecuting attorney for your jurisdiction.

Can an attorney who represented a defendant prosecute a probation revocation hearing of the same defendant?

Something is not right with this question. Did the defense attorney suddenly go to work for the prosecutor's office?

Job description of district attorney?

A district attorney is appointed, and represents a county, city or state. They handle criminal matters, and argue cases in court as well as prosecute criminals.

If the Louisiana attorney general's office refused prosecution how can local DA prosecute?

Not enough information is disclosed to anwwer this question.

How can you act on a defective criminal complaint?

Convince the district attorney to not prosecute. Hire a defense attorney to defend you in court. Flee to a country that does not extradite for the crime in question. Accept a plea bargain.

If a person get over 10000 behind in child support is it a felony?

yes this is a felony, how ever child support enforcement uses there own discression to prosecute this behavior. most of the time u will need to hire a private attorney to prosecute.

Can you prosecute your wife for check fraud?

No. You may want to speak to a local attorney who can advise you on spousal privilege and your rights if you are a crime victim.

How do you drop domestic battery charges?

You don't. Only the state, through the prosecuting attorney, can decide whether to dismiss or prosecute criminal charges.

Who does a prosecuting attorney prosecute?

# Alameda county criteria Domestic Violence shall no longer be in the hands of the victim, it shall now be in the hands of the prosecution 2000

What can you do if district attorneys office will not prosecute felony bigamy case with overwhelming evidence?

Keep climbing the judicial steps to you get to the attorney general and grand jury.

If the state attorney declins violation of probation what does that mean?

Going STRICTLY by the info given in the question - - it would mean that, for whatever reason, the state is declining to prosecute this particular VOP. The VOP will appear on your record, it just means that they have made the decision not to go ahead and prosecute you.

How do you prosecute marriage fraud?

By prosecute you mean sue right because only attorneys and judges can prosecute. Anyway, you file a suit for divorce and the reason would be for whatever you think the fraud is. This is best for a attorney to word so you dont miss anything. When the matter refers to a fraudlent marriage connected with immigration issues the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement have jurisdiction.

If you file a report for domestic violence can you cancel?

Unfortunately, once you have made the report, it cannot just be canceled. If you are trying to get the prosecuting attorney to drop the charges, you can contact the attorney and see if they are willing to drop the charges. However, even if you want the charges dropped, the prosecuting attorney has the discretion to decide to drop the charges and decide not to prosecute the case.

Can the sender prosecute someone for throwing away mail that you send to someone else?

Private people never have the opportunity to prosecute anyone for anything. That right is left to the prosecuting attorneys office. Since tampering with the mail is a federal offense, it would be up to the Attorney General to determine whether to prosecute. If you think someone has been tampering with another person's mail, you should contact the USPS to determine how to make a complaint with the authorities.

What happens if a 11 year old steals something?

This is typically a matter for the juvenile courts, if the juvenile is being prosecuted. Would have to be something that the state wishes to pursue. If something relatively small, it is doubful there will be a prosecution. The discretion lies with the District Attorney to prosecute or not. This is typically a matter for the juvenile courts, if the juvenile is being prosecuted. Would have to be something that the state wishes to pursue. If something relatively small, it is doubful there will be a prosecution. The discretion lies with the District Attorney to prosecute or not.

What has the author Raymond Henry Belton written?

Raymond Henry Belton has written: 'Trespassers will be prosecuted'