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If turtle does not eat for next day. Set the turtle free

NO!!! Never set ANY captive reptiles loose! This is what happened with Burmese Pythons. People figure, "I can't take care of it- I'll just let it free." Now there's a problem and all the responsible reptile keepers get tons of anti-python bills in congress, and it's not our fault! Your snapper probably has a lack of adequate UV lighting. This causes loss of activity, feeding response, and overall health in chelonians like your turtle and other reptiles. I use Zoo Med's Powersun Mercury vapor bulb. They are expensive (lowest I've seen is $40), but pets aren't disposable. They're a commitment that requires your full effort (time wise and monetarily). Remember that a reptile's price tag is not any relation to the money needed to care for the animal. If you want to let it go, research a herpetological society near you and donate it or post an ad on Craigslist or your newspaper's classifieds.

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Q: What can you do if your baby snapper will not eat anything not even worms?
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