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Depends on what you mean by

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The 400 Blows and Breathless were part of what country's New Wave of film-making?


What is another phrase for 'blows in the wind'?

"wafts in the breeze"

How does the wind blows from one area to another?

The earth rotates.

THis statement is The same wind blows one door shut often blows another open?

A idea that is not good is the closed and the open door is the good Idea

How do epiphytes adapt?

there are seeds under the leaves of the Epiphyte. The wind then blows it to another area.

How do sand dunes shift from one place to another?

Wind blows them back and forth.

What does it mean when a girl blows into another girls ear?

they are probably together and she is just flirting with her

What is the strength of the wind and the length of time the wind blows?

Every gust of wind is individual, making you question impossible to answer.

What are the constructive and destructive forces of volcanoes?

volcanos are both destructive and constructive . how? because when a volcano erupts it blows rock then every time it blows more rock and that is how you make another volcano!

What are Idioms used for the word fighting?

One idiom for fighting is "coming to blows". Another is "battling it out".

How does wind move soil from one place to another?

It blows the small partickles of soil of the top of the big pile of soil and the wind blows it away obviously man there are some weird questions on this website...........

Did Tiger Woods sleep with another girl?

According to the news yes, but the news often blows things out of proportion.

Can you smoke in public places?

smoking blows get it it blows :)

Is sharp blows an adverb?

No. "Sharp" is an adjective describing "blows," which is a noun. Together as "sharp blows" they comprise a noun phrase consisting of the noun "blows" and its adjectival premodifier "sharp."

What is a 6 letter word meaning to deliver repeated blows?

It could be a few things, 'batter' is one, 'hammer' is another.

What do you do if a male betta fish is making a bubble nest without a female betta fish in the tank?

he is happy and mine blows bubbles when he gets air

What is the duration of The Trumpet Blows?

The duration of The Trumpet Blows is 1.2 hours.

Does blows rhymes with chose?

Yes Indeed. Blows rhymes with chose.

What do you call the region over which wind blows continuously?

wind BLows

What has the author Kirk Blows written?

Kirk Blows has written: 'Terminator'

How do you give back blows in CPR?

Back blows are not to be given during CPR. The only time you give back blows are when an infant is chocking.

What is another phrase that means any way ou slice it?

Doesnt matter how you look at it. anyway the wind blows, its still the same.

What how materials is moved in areas where strong wind blow?

while the wind blows it picks up materials and moves it to another place

What do you call a person who blows the trumpet in a castle?

A person who blows a trumpet is a herald.

What was Gandhi's method for resisting british?

he said they will take blows but not give blows.