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What can you do if your landlord refuses to fix a serious leak in the roof that has already caused significant property damage?

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You can also legally refuse to pay rent until the problem is fixed. The landlord has to maintain a habitible structure, and it sounds like yours is not. Withholding rent is often a very effective way to get a problem dealt with. You should also call you local Code Enforcement office. The can fine your landlord or declare the structure unsound, letting you off the hook for any rent or damages. If the landlord fails to comply with code enforcement, he can face legal penalties. Or you can go to DHEC humane service and report it.

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What is the law on personal property landlord refuse to give back?

The landlord refuses to return personal property until the balance of his rent has been paid. 3 months have passed.

Can you landlord have you sign a lease and then say you did not get the apartment?

No. A lease is a legally binding contract, which obligates both the landlord and tenant to a tenancy for the term of the lease. If you and the landlord both signed a lease, and the landlord refuses to give you occupancy of the property, you need to see a landlord-tenant attorney or tenant's rights group immediately!

Can you break your lease if your landlord refuses to fix things?

Yes, you can break your lease if your landlord refuses to fix things, as long as this is specified in the lease. Your landlord is liable for keeping the home in working order and safe. Contact an attorney to help you with the lease.

Is there a squatters rights law for tenants living in Indianapolis?

No. Tenants have permission from the landlord to use the property. You can't claim adverse possession if you had permission to use the property. If a tenant refuses to leave they can be evicted. Squatters are trespassers in the United States.

Why would a landlord request that he be named as an additional insured party on your renters insurance policy?

Renters insurance and the Additional InsuredIt is common to list the property owner as an additional insured, After all you are renting his property and have accepted certain liabilities for damages to the property. The reason a landlord would require this is in the event that a loss occurs and the tenant refuses to file claim, the landlord as an additional insured can call and file the claim for you. AnswerThat is a good question. You are right to be cautious ask your insurance agent.

Does the landlord have to give back security deposit if tenant refuses to sign lease but moves in?


What is the ballad of the landlord about?

what the ballad of the landlord is about a black tenant who lives in a shabby house and refuses to pay the landlord rent because the landlord wont fix the house up. the landlord calls the cops and the tenant is thrown in jail. the headlines makes it seem the renters fault but its really isnt.

When should a tenant stop paying rent for delinquent taxes?

The tenant should stop paying rent whenever the governmental agency to whom the taxes are owed threatens to foreclose or repossess the property. In that case, the tenant should demand (in writing) that the landlord pay the delinquent taxes. If the landlord refuses, the tenant should move (again, upon giving written notice to the landlord).

What can a tenant do if the landlord refuses accept the offset of the cost of the repair?

If the repairs are essential but the landlord refuses to accept the offset, then the landlord can file eviction proceedings against the tenant. However, this is something that tenant can challenge in court. If it can be proven that the repairs are essential, the tenant will not only win the case, he can counter sue for damages of up to three months of rent abatement.

Can a tenant take landlord's appliance when landlord refuses to return her deposit?

No, that would be theft. The appropriate avenue for recovering the deposit is to file a small claims suit against the landlord.

Is the tenant responsible to repair a broken ac unit?

If the air conditioner came with the apartment, then No, the tenant is not responsible. It is up to the Landlord to fix it. I know this because I am a landlord myself. If the Landlord refuses to do so, call a repairman, get it fixed, get a copy of the bill and deduct t from your rent...however make sure you let the landlord know that you will be doing this if he still refuses to fix it and again, make sure you give him a copy of the bill when you pay your rent.

What are your rights as a renter if your landlord refuses to sign a lease?

You can certainly move out. * None. The owner of the property can rent/lease on their own terms. The only exception being that they do not violate a person's civil rights by using blatant discrimination tactics.

What does a landlord do if damage exceeded security damage?

ask tenant to pay for tenant's responsible damage immediately or negotiate for monthly payments; if tenant refuses or does not do so, the landlord "simply" sues tenant in small claims or landlord-tenant court.

If a tenant's dishwasher breaks down after six months - is it the landlords responsibility to replace it?

It depends on what your lease says, but generally, the landlord is responsible for keeping all appliances that were supplied with the property in good working order. If you contact your landlord and the landlord refuses to fix the dishwasher, I recommend you contact your city hall to determine the department that issues renal licenses for your area. They might be able to point you in the right direction for your area.

Can South Carolina tenant refuse to pay rent if the landlord refuses to fix any problems?

you can not with hold rent for any reason. write a letter to the landlord that is dated with the problem and if its not taken care of or addressed in 14 days then take the landlord to court.

If a landlord refuses you rent is the lease broken by them?

It depends if you are already late or in the process of getting Evicted. IF you are current on your rent payments and the Landlord denies your rent payment. He/She must give you an explanation to why. If they don't then yes they are breaking the lease agreement because they are required to collect the rent money from you and they are not allowed to make you late either which is completely illegal

My mother refuses to give me the life estate property left to us by my grandparents can she do this?

It depends on who you mean by "us". If your mother refuses to give you property that is legally yours, contact the police. If it is jointly owned with your mother, you may need to file a lawsuit to have the property divided.

Your landlord did not tell you anything about evicting you when he filed was he or you should have received a court summons?

I asked my other roommate about it and he said it was for my landlord, Meanwhile he refuses to take my rent money and he said why I didn't go to court.

What can a tenant do if the landlord refuses to repair the plumbing in the rental property?

Tenant may, given proper notice of at least seven days before the rent is due, and if the plumbing problem is essential for the habitation of the home, have the plumbing problem resolved and offset the repair costs from the rent.

I recently found out that by law New York City landlords have to pay heat and hot water for every apartment do they always follow this?

(2009) In NYC, all landlords must provide hot water. In NYC, for buildings in which the landlord must provide heat, if the landlord refuses to provide adequate heat then the tenants must make a complaint to 311 and ultimately to HPD. If the landlord refuses to provide heat the landlord will be forced to do so by HPD if an inspection reveals that the landlord is not complying with the law. This requires much persistence from complaining tenants. HPD can force the landlord's hand by sending in their own plumbers to install a working boiler and to purchase oil for it if the landlrod refuses to comply - then they bill the landlord. If the landlord refuses to pay they can put a lien on the property. In NYC, there are residential buildings in which, tenants have an agreement with the landlord to pay for their own heat. In such case, if the apartment is rent-regulaed under the law then, such tenants receive a discount on their rent. (If the apartment is not rent-regulated, the sky is the limit on rent.) Anyway, landlords do not always comply with the law and many of them deny essential services to tenants. And hence, we have the constant battle between landlords and tenants in NYC. In fact, there are more cases heard in NYC housing court every year than there are criminal cases heard in federal court throughout the entire US every year.

Can you legally withhold your rent if your landlord refuses to fix things?

Landlord Tenant Law is different for each country and/or state. Please comply with the law of the state or country you reside in. ------------------------------- yes, only if you told landlord about the problem at least 15 days before rent is due if landlord tells you to get it fix and will take cost off rent lease get this in writing.

What happens if a landlord doesn't give you a copy of the rental contract?

not much. it is more ethics. If he still refuses, go to small claims court.

What are Ohio dowry laws?

Husband refuses to sign dowry on property being purchased

Can you negotiate a judgment against your property?

You can try but if the plaintiff refuses to negotiate you must pay the lien in full. You cannot sell or mortgage the property until the lien is paid off and released by the plaintiff.You can try but if the plaintiff refuses to negotiate you must pay the lien in full. You cannot sell or mortgage the property until the lien is paid off and released by the plaintiff.You can try but if the plaintiff refuses to negotiate you must pay the lien in full. You cannot sell or mortgage the property until the lien is paid off and released by the plaintiff.You can try but if the plaintiff refuses to negotiate you must pay the lien in full. You cannot sell or mortgage the property until the lien is paid off and released by the plaintiff.

What can you do if your landlord refuses to give you back your security deposit because you lost your receipt?

If your landlord accepted the security deposit from you he must return to you unless he have legal grounds to keep all or part of the security deposit. I don't think that the loss of your receipt for the security deposit is enough to allow your landlord to keep it. Thus you can sue him.