What can you do if your parents adopt you without adoption papers?

In many cases when adoption papers haven't been signed this is a good indication that either someone in the family was pregnant with you and for reasons of their own could't look after you, so your adoptive parents took over. Even a friend of one of your adoptive parents. Most adoptions that are legal are in the records of that adoption agency and the papers are for protection purposes so that child can never be taken away from the adoptive parents. Please sit down with your parents and tell them you are old enough for the truth. Assure them you still love them, but you feel a large void in your life and you need to know who your real parents are so you can get on with your life. I doubt they will refuse, but if they do, you can either try to find out the adoption agency, or if this is too hard hire a detective to find out who your parents were. Good luck Marcy