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Build schools and hospitals

Uganda has a beautiful hilly rural countryside. Literally if you go driving, you will constantly be going around large hills. Uganda is also home to Biwindi impenetrable forest, which is home to the last few "wild" mountain gorilla family's. Which (if you pay the right price) you can visit yourself!

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Q: What can you do in Uganda?
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How many state are there in Uganda?

Uganda does not have states. Uganda has districts. There are 112 districts in Uganda.

Are aliens really in Uganda?

Yes, there are many. If you are in Uganda and you are not a citizen of Uganda, you are an alien in Uganda.

Who is the Minister of State for Northern Uganda for Uganda?

Rebecca Otengo Amuge is the Minister of State for Northern Uganda for Uganda.

What are facts on Uganda?

Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa, Uganda doesn't have a national flower, Uganda's official language is English.

What is the name of Uganda's State Minister for Northern Uganda?

The name of Uganda's State Minister for Northern Uganda is Rebecca Otengo Amuge.

How many states are in Uganda?

Uganda does not have states. Uganda is divided into districts. There are 111 districts in Uganda.

Is Uganda at war?

No, Uganda is not at war .

Do Uganda have a airport?

Yes, Uganda does.

Is Uganda a state?

Uganda is a country

What is the weather in Uganda?

what is the weather in uganda

Does Uganda have electicity?

Indeed Uganda has electricity. Most of Uganda's electricity is imported to neighbouring countries.

What curency is used in Uganda?

The currency used in Uganda called Uganda Shiling and it is symbolised by USH

How much rain does it rain in Uganda?

There is about 110ml in Uganda every year in Uganda.

What is the gorilla population in Uganda?

5,986 in total, 3,052 in northern Uganda and 2,934 in southern Uganda

What are the causes of poverty in Uganda?

THE CAUSES OF POVERTY IN UGANDA: · Half the population in Uganda don't have clean and safe drinking water. · Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world. · Uganda suffers a lack of education. · Uganda suffers from poor health services as well as poor public services. · Half of Uganda's population are under 15. · Children eat only if they can afford it.

What is the area of Uganda in square miles?

Uganda (Republic of Uganda) - 91,136 square miles.

Is there a government in Uganda?

Uganda is currently a republic.

What are some facts about Uganda?

The longest river in the world begins in Uganda, uganda is the pearl of Africa, the second Uganda also covers one of the second biggest lake in the world

Does Uganda have a monarchy?

Yes. Uganda's government is a constitutional monarchy although the government of Uganda was previously a brutal dictatorship.

Who are Ugandas Enemies?

Kony and alshabab where enemies of Uganda but Uganda is a powerful country but the person who defeated uganda is alshabab

What oceans surround Uganda?

There are no ocean surrounding Uganda..

Was Uganda colonized?

yes. Uganda was colonized by the British

When was Uganda imperialized?

Uganda was imperialised by the British in 1894.

What is the literacy rate of Uganda?

66.8% literacy of Uganda.

What is Uganda's postcode?

The postal code for Uganda is 25641