What can you do on Club Penguin?

Here is a list of games on Club Penguin!
Coffee Shop- Bean Counters
Night Club- Dance Contest
Dock- Hydro Hopper
Lighthouse Beacon- Jet Pack Adventure
Lodge- Ice Fishing
Top of the Mountain- Sled Race- Multi-player
Dojo- Cardjitsu
Ice Burg- Aqua Grabber
Mine- Cart surfer and Puffle Rescue
Cove- Surf
Pizza Parlor- Pizzatron 3000
Pet shop- Gather Puffles
If you are a member, you can buy a big igloo in the Igloo Updates Catalog and get cool furniture in the Igloo Catalog! You can make a party and open your igloo so that other penguins can come into your igloo! Sometimes there are igloo contests, like in October for Halloween!
Clothes- Members can buy clothes at the Gift Shop. Every month there is new clothing in the Catalog! You can also buy sports wear at the Stadium!
Pets- There is only one type of pet you can buy on Club Penguin... The Puffle! The puffle is a cute furry pet that penguins can buy. Non Members can only buy the red and blue ones but members can buy many different colored puffles! You can keep up to 16 Puffles!
There are also parties for special holidays! They have a Christmas party, Halloween party, Easter Party, And Much more!
Make your Penguin today at www.ClubPenguin.com!
Waddle around and Meet new Friends!