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White bumps??? If your refering to the normal texture of your tongue ,there is nada you can do . If you have bumps towards the very back that is from post nasal drip during the night . take a decongestant before bed other than that you should go see a doctor because bumps are not from my 7 years looking in peoples mouths at work is not normal.

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Q: What can you do on your own to clear up white bumps on your tongue?
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What are red bumps that don't itch?

Probably just irritated hair follicles, should clear up on their own.

What are small red bumps that do not itch?

They are prbably hair follicles that have been infected or irritated, they should clear up on their own.

Itchy dry bumps on my face around my nose and mouth?

pimples? blackheads? or an allergic reaction? either way, wash your face. scru it around the bumps to clean them really good. it should clear up on its own. if it dosent get better, see your doctor.

What are tiny bumps on your face that don't pop and are not red or white and is there anything you can do to fix them?

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A pimple on your tongue doesn't necessarily MEAN anything in particular; you can get a pimple anywhere, including your face, tongue, lips, etc. Let the pimple heal on its own, do not pop it as bacteria can infect it and yiu can develp acne all over your tongue. A pimple on your tongue COULD mean that a certain food caused it, or you may have had a mild allergic reaction.

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What are little red bumps under the eyes?

it sounds like you have styes. It's just a small infection caused by touching your eyes with dirty hands or bacteria getting into the eye. If it is styes just keep your hands clean and don't touch the bumps even though they may hurt. it should clear up on its own if not see a pharmacist

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