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What can you do to decorate a grade school gym for Halloween using only tape on walls?


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To start you can make your life easier if you have a canvas to work on. Get a painter's tarps and tape it to the wall with duct tape (unless you can hang it). The tarp usually has a silver side so make sure that is the side showing. On that use black masking tape to create a spider's web. When that's complete, take large, black garbage bags and do the following to make the spider: the first one fill with newspaper for the body ( make sure it's rounded and fat; next make one similar but smaller for the head; then cut the bags length-wise about 6-8 inches wide and tape together with black duct or masking tape to create legs (they should have a tubular shape. fill with newspaper too). You can tape these together to make legs longer and jointed. You can spray a white spot on the spider's back if you want. Tape all of the body part onto the tarp (web) with black duct tape. Tape orange balloons around, making them look like jack-o-lanterns by drawing faces on them with a broad-tipped sharpie ( broad-tip only the others will break balloons). Get orange and black streamers, tape to the ceiling and let them hang down and across...make it look spooky.
Happy Halloween!!!

You can also do lots by covering the walls with butcher paper. You can purchase this in any color, including orange an black.

For a small budget, tape twisted streamers along the walls. You can place them in a recurring giant "x" design or in a floor to ceiling design. Add orange and black balloons, but place them high enough so they are out of reach - otherwise they may all get pulled off!

Great decorations include skeleton heads and tombstones to create a spooky cemetery effect.A neat product is a swirled streamer with a Halloween themed item attached, like black cats or jack-o-lanterns. Hang witches with broomsticks throughout the room, as well as glow-in-the dark skeletons.You can create your own school Halloween party crafts by tracing and decorating Halloween themes such as black cats, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, spiders, tombstones, or witches.