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Well, this only works sometimes. I don't know why you would want to encourage a betta to build a bubble nest but since it does no harm I guess it really doesn't matter! There is no true way I know of to "make" a betta fish build a bubble nest but if you put a medication called Melafix in the tank (properly measured of course) it makes bubbles if there is an air stone or water movement. It made my betta fish make a bubble nest when I used it but the medication will soon not make bubbles. If you use this method, follow the water change guidelines on the bottle so you do not over medicate the tank. This method will also cost you money because Melfix is not that cheap! This is the only way I know of to "make" your betta build a bubble nest for a short period of time.


The moron who has answered you above here hasn't got a clue....

You would want to have him build a bubble nest so he is ready for the spawning female to be introduced.

You do NOT mess with the water once you have PH correct. Just every second day change ONLY and eighth of the water, ensuring you have added the water ager to eliminate chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

Ensure temp is kept at 26 - 27C or 80 - 82F and do not alter the heater settings. He, the male Siamese Fighter, must be able to see the female but NOT get to her. You need to have them in a tank with no other fish and a clear divider between the 2. After several days they will begin a mating dance, flaring at each other. She will show stripes and her belly will look swollen. The are not ready to put together until he has blown a bubble nest which should be at least the size of his body. Some floating plants will assist in stabalising the nest. Turn off your filter system for 2 reasons, 1 it will disrupt the nest and 2 the fry do not like totally clean water. Now do not change any more water as you've done a few times every couple of days...... NO MORE DISRUPTIONS once his bubble nest is present. Now introduce her to him. They will fight, nip each others fins and get very rough. Expect that you may lose her in this spawning process. Don't take pitty on her and separate them again until he has squeezed the eggs out of her. He will float above her and sort of wrap himself around her. He might look like he's killing her.... leave them alone. Don't touch the tank. Once he has the eggs, which he fertilizes with his sperm as she releases them, he will suck them up and spit them up into the bubble nest. When he is doing this and tending to the nest and eggs and she is looking half dead, take her out and put her back into your main aquarium into a breeding net for a couple of days so she is not attacked and can regain her strength. Keep feeding her good food like blood worms and mosquito larva. He will tend to the nest and does not need her. In fact he will kill her if she's left with him and her eggs. In 2 days the eggs will hatch. He will continue to look after them, putting them into his mouth to clean them and turn them, etc. In another 2 days the fry will begin to free swim. Once they can do this you need to remove him. Put him into your main aquarium if you don't have any other males or if you do have another, give him away to an aquarium store. You have to by liquid fry food. The babies cannot eat flake or anything else for a couple of weeks. Liquifry is the best. Good luck. If you get them to live, in a couple of months you must separate the males, give or sell them to the aquarium store along with any females you don't want to keep.

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Q: What can you do to encourage your male Betta to build a better nest if he has a small nest in the morning but by the end of the day it will be gone?
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Does a betta fish need a nest to breed?

Yes and No. The betta will make a bubble nest, but it is helpful to the betta to have the bottom half a styrofoam cup in the tank for the betta to build it on, it would most likely build one anyway if there was a place to build one though. Good luck!

Why isn't my male betta blowing a betta fish?

I assume that you intended to ask why your male betta isn't blowing a bubble nest. Male bettas blow bubble nests when they are happy and ready to mate. some build them easier than others, some wont even build one until they see the female or even until they are actually fertilizing the eggs. To encourage your betta to build a bubble nest, be sure he has enough room (at least 2.5 gallons) not a lot of surface motion on the water, make sure the water is at least 78*. You can also let your betta flare at his reflection by putting a mirror up against the glass. this is good exercise and may kick start his territorial instincts and encourage the building of a bubble nest.

How do you know Betta want to mate?

When a Betta is eager to mate and ready he will often build a bubble nest.

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How do you get betta bubble nest bigger?

You can add to a males nest or even encourage one to build it bigger by taking some bubbles from another males nest using a spoon and putting it into the first males tank.

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Male betta fish will build a "bubble nest" when they are getting interested in procreating. Betta fish do not get pregnant they lay their eggs in these nest.

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Place a female in close proximity where he can see her.

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In the morning the male Betta will have a small bubble nest but by the end of the day it will be gone What can be done to encourage him to build a better bubble nest?

When you say a small nest that could be all right, every fish will build to its own size. Too me, the question would be, How do I keep the bubble nest from disappearing, A betta will be encouraged to build and keep a nest if the water is maintained around 80 degrees, also the key here is if and when he builds the nest that would be the time to place a female into the tank, let me say this, if you see the nest, all that means is the fish is mature enough to take care of the eggs if there is no female introduced when the nest is made he or the fish will not maintain the nest endlessly, steps to sucess, 1 keep the temp at 80 degrees, 2 put a cover over the top to keep the water warm, 3 lower the water to about 5 inches if you are using a 5 or 10 gallon tank, 4 you need to have roughly 4 or five females on hand to spawn take place, just to let you know this is not a 1 hour or 1 day deal this takes time and every male betta is different. and when and if you are sucessful for you to feed the young fry fish is another ordeal

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That is what male Bettas do. He will only build another one if you remove that so why bother?

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