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Foam can come from: 1. Soap 2. Certain algaecides 3. Organic debris Answer: Soap- Thoroughly rinse toys and swimsuits before allowing them in the pool. This is a good practice anyway, especially if they have been used in any "natural" water (pond, lake, ocean) since that can introduce things much worse than soap to your pool (ie: Red Algae) Algaecides- Inexpensive "...alkyl-dimethyl..." type algaecides will foam. Upgrade to a non-foaming "poly" type. Also, avoid copper algaecides and avoid the green hair. Any foaming algaecide currently in the water will steadily break down and go away. Organic stuff- By the time you can see algae it has been growing in the water for some time. This can foam if the water is churned up (aerated). Try a good dose of CHLORINE SHOCK (not non-chlorine shock). This should burn-off the organics! If your salt-generator has a "shock" cycle, that might work but "shocking" in the truest sense means QUICKLY raising the chlorine level in the water. With the generators I'm familier with, they shock by simply running longer giving you a higher chlorine level but at a slower rise to that level. Algae can develop a resistance to this slower method.

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Q: What can you do to get rid of foam in a pool using a salt chlorine generator?
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How do you convert a chlorine pool to a saltwater pool?

You would need a chlorine generator such as Auto Pilot. Many companies make them. After you install the chlorine generator, you add your salt to the pool.

What is the difference between a saltwater pool or a chlorine pool?

A salt water pool is a chlorine pool. The difference is that the chlorine is manufactured in the system by the chlorine generator. Otherwise NO DIFFERENCE!!

What do you do if chlorine in saltwater pool is high?

Adjust your chlorine generator levels.

You cannot get the salt level to come up in your swimming pool and the chlorine generator will not produce chlorine?

It sounds like the chlorine generator is broken

Does a chlorine generator make the pool a salt water pool?

Yes. A chlorine generator will only work when your pool water has a salinity level of 2700 to 3500 ppm, thereby making it a salt water pool.

Why is pool Ph low and chlorine high though you have not put chlorine in for weeks?

Do you have a chlorine generator? No.

Why do you need a chlorine generator?

If you have a salt water pool then the chlorine generator is there to convert the salt into chlorine to keep up the chlorine content of the pool. However if you don't have one of these or it is broken down you can always add chlorine directly to make up the shortfall until the necessary repairs are done.

Can you make your chlorine pool into a saltwater pool without changing any equipment except the salt generator?

Yes A salt water pool is a chlorine pool any way the difference is that the chlorine in a saltwater pool is made from the salt electronically

Can you add chlorine to a salt water pool without damaging anything?

Yes you can add chlorine to a salt generated pool. But if you are using a Calcium Hypochlorite you must turn the salt generator OFF for 24 hours and premix it (1 pound at a time in a five gallon plastic bucket) then pour it in the pool. You should not have to add any chlorine tablets to the pool, however if you do it is best to put it into a feeder after the cell. However if you have to add chlorine tablets to the pool to supplement either your unit is way undersized or there is a problem with the generator.

Can you use salt in a swimming pool without a chlorine generator?

Absolutely! It is very common for customers to want the feel of saltwater without the chlorine generator. ALL CHLORINE POOLS CONTAIN SALT. Chlorine reverts back to salt when used so every pool that has chlorine in it also has salt.

How many ppm of chlorine is in a salt water pool?

Do you mean to say that you have a fresh water pool with a Chlorine Generator which uses salt? Or do you in fact have a salt water pool? bob...

High pH in salt water pool?

The Chlorine generator is what causes the high PH and its not a Salt Water Pool Hmmm....if it's not a salt water pool then why is there a chlorine generator? Just use your test kit and add acid when the pH is high.

How do you maintain a salt water pool without a chlorine generator?

Add chlorine by hand...the old fashioned way.

Salt water pool systems vs chlorine which is better?

A salt water pool is a chlorine pool. The difference is that in a normal fresh water pool you have to add the chlorine as it is required. In the case of the salt water pool salt is added to the pool which is int urn run through a chlorine generator that is installed on the pipe leading from the filter to the pool. The chlorine generator electronically separates chlorine gas out of the salt water which then dissolves into the water automatically maintaining chlorine levels. The adidion of salt to the water makes it more pleasant to swim in and you are spared having to handle and store chlorine at home. but the problem is you are still swimming in Chlorine and now you are also swimming in sodium.

If converting from a sand filter to a saltwater filter what do you do?

A chlorine generator, also known as a salt generator, is an addition to a pool pump and filter system that converts salt to chlorine. It is another method of adding chlorine to a swimming pool. You will still need a filter, like sand, to filter dirt and debris from the swimming pool.

How much does a basic pool chlorine generator cost in Arizona?

A basic pool chlorine generator cost in Arizona is between $149.00 and $999.00 The cheapest chlorine generator costs around 150$ plus tax and/or shipping. You can buy these from Sears or K-Mart online, but you may have to call the individual locations to see if they have them in stock.

What do you do if there is too much chlorine in your pool?

Just wait it out the chlorine will dissipate after a couple of days. if you have a salt water pool turn the chlorine generator down or run the filter less often if possible.

Why did my pool water turn brown when I turned on my salt water chlorine generator?

It's doubtful that the problem is related to the salt or the chlorine generator, assuming that the pool was a chlorine pool before the installation of the system. If it was a Biguanide pool, that might explain it but generally the reaction is grey and cloudy, not brown. If the pool was turned off for an extended period of time, it is more likely that something came out of the filter and plumbing. You can email with a better description as to pool type, how old, what you were using before the salt system, and how long the pool was down, etc. for a more complete answer.

What are the disadvantages of a saltwater swimming pool?

You are still typically using a salt-water generator to generate chlorine for most saltwater pools, so you are effectively still using chlorine. In effect, chlorine is still the sanitizer. You still need to pay for and haul salt and you typically need to replace a cell every 3-5 years at a cost of about $800. Then there are the potential harmful health effects of chlorine and corrosion to your pool and pool equipment.

Do you have to buy a salt chlorine generator to have a salt water pool?

Yes. The salt is run through a chlorinator that changes the salt to chlorine. It won't do it by itself so you have to buy the generator to do this.

How long before you can swim in your pool after using the chemical pool clear with no chlorine?

What was the chemical "pool cleaner"? You need chlorine to sanitize the pool water.

Do saltwater pools attract more snakes than chlorine pools?

Here is the deal. a "salt water pool" IS a chlorine pool. Only difference is, on a chlorine pool u add chlorine. In a salt pool u add salt and a "Salt Generator" turns the sslt into chlorine... so really both pools use chlorine.... Just saves u the trouble of messing with chlorine and chlorine shocks..

Do salt water pools need conditioning?

Yes, if your talking about an outside pool with a chlorine generator. You balance the pool like any other pool. This includes cyanaric acid to "stabilize" or "condition" the chlorine.

How do you get the free chlorine level down in your saltwater pool?

To give you an accurate answer, it's important to know how many gallons are in the pool, how high is your Free Available Chlorine (FAC), and what is your Combined Chlorine Reading. Is pool enclosed and protected from sun etc? Is your chlorine generator working properly? You could simply shut down the generator and test your pool everyday at the same time. Keep records of pH, Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, Alkalinity, etc. It's important that you maintain a proper pH at ALL TIMES.

What amount of pool salt for pool?

If you have a "chlorine generator" that requires salt in the water, ALWAYS refer to the manufacturers recommendations for the proper amount.