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What can you do to keep deer out of your garden?

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Use flour

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Do you have any ideas how to keep deer out of the garden?

with a gun

Deer Fence?

form_title=Deer Fence form_header=Get a deer fence installed to keep deer from invading your property and eating your garden. Do you want to install a deer fence around your garden?*= () Yes () No Have you been having trouble with deer invading and eating your garden?*= () Yes () No When would you like the job completed?*= _Enter Date[50]

How do you keep deer and other forest animals away from an already fenced in garden?

You can keep deer from your fenced garden by using other measures such as using a VHS tap fence and wolf urine. You can find more potential solutions on the Garden Web website.

Does planting marigolds around perimeter of vegetable garden keep deer away?


What is the best deer repellent?

You can only have a deer repellent if you have a small area like a yard. Otherwise you have to go with deer fencing. If you have a small area like a garden, you can use both electronic and water repellents to keep the deer away. Garden Harvest Supply has a good selection of deer repellent products.

How effective is a plastic deer fence?

A plastic deer fence is a very effective way to keep deer off a garden or park. Plastic deer fence is a tall and heavy plastic mesh that can be used for a long time.

Is deer already plural?

No, the noun deer is both the singular and the plural form; for example:I saw a deer near your garden.I saw a three deer near your garden.

Would would chickens help keep deer out of our garden?

No not at all, in fact free range chickens will wipe out your garden faster than the occasional grazing deer. Deer are pretty selective in a garden and not at all nervous around chickens but a chicken flock will scratch and hunt everything green then root around in the destruction for bugs.

What is a sure-fire way to keep deer out of vegetable gardens?

Sure-fire ways to keep deer out of your vegetables are planting yarrow, morning glory or foxglove on the edges of your garden and using one of the many commercially available deer repellents.

How can you keep deer from eating your plants?

Gardeners have several options when attempting to preserve their gardens in areas where hungry deer live and forage for food. Indeed, deer will eat almost anything -- and in your garden, will have their own priority of favourite plants. Physical barriers include sturdy fencing: see-through fencing allows you to enjoy the garden while keeping the deer away from the blooms. Electrifying it may help deter animals. Scent barriers: local nurseries can sell you products you can spray on your garden that will 'minimize' your garden's attractiveness to hungry deer -- but none are guaranteed to keep the hungry animals at bay. Your final option is to plant botany that the deer won't eat, except in times of near starvation. You can follow the link, below, and discover a strategy that may -- with modification for your locale -- help you minimize deer damage in your garden.

What can you use to keep deer out of your garden?

well you could out up a fence or you could get something that thay dont like:D but its mainly up to you of what you want to do.

Do female deer keep their antlers?

Most female deer do not keep their antlers.

Are you allowed to keep chickens in your garden?

If you keep chickens in your garden or even let them in the garden they will eat your garden crop.

How can wolves help people?

They eat deer. Deer eat your woman's garden. Wolves = friend.

What animal eats parsley in garden?

deer ticks

What mammal might eat your garden vegetables?

Rabbits and deer are two of the biggest garden pests.

Where would you keep a snail?

I would keep it in a garden or a garden like habitat

What are some popular fabrication choices for deer-proof garden fences?

There are several companies that provide deer-proof garden fence fabrication. Fabrication choices include polyprophylene.

Possessive form of deer?

The possessive form for the noun deer is deer's.Example: I found a deer's footprints in my garden.

Do deer eat vegetables?

They sure like the vegetables in my garden. Frankly, there are so many deer, they are a pest!

Can deer eat poison ivy?

yes deer can eat posion ivy. Actually, if you want to poison deer and keep your garden green and not stripped clean of new growth, fruit, and the mellons you have planted. do this; buy some deer corn and grind it into "cracked corn" then add some ground up CASTOR BEANS to the feed. Castor Beans Retcin are poisonious--even the leaves are toxic. Depending on the size of the animal, it may take a week before you start seeing stumbling and slow moving deer. the larger the animal, the more it takes----they keep on eating the stuff tho--deer are not the brightest animals in the forrest. Smaller deer, fawns and up to six months will usually drop by the roadside within days. Keep your fruit away from the toxic castor plants and you will have a protected garden!!

What can be eating cabbage and lettuce in garden?

Rabbits, Ground Hogs (woodchucks), Deer are the most common garden pests.

Garden Fence?

form_title=Garden Fence form_header=Protect your garden from intruders and get a garden fence installed today. What do you grow in your garden?*= _[50] How big is your garden?*= _[50] Have you been having trouble with deer or other species invading and eating your garden?*= () Yes () No When would you like the job completed?*= _Enter Date[50]

What is the verb of Three plastic deer stood in the garden?

stood is the verb

What is the frequency of bean plants in the garden that have been eaten by deer?