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There is nothing you can do. Maybe use a scrub to make sure you get all of your dead skin off. I am sure you don't look stupid in the light, you are probably very attractive. Give it some time, and maybe play around with bronzers or skin highlights in the make up aisle.

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Q: What can you do to make your facial skin thinner if it too thick?
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Why do some people have fine flexible facial skin while others have thick skin Is there an advantage to having thick facial skin when it comes to aging?

ya it can be better than thin skin because it is harder to get line in the skin

How thick is chicken skin?

There is no standard thickness for chicken skin. It depends on the chicken, their age, and their breed. Some have thinner and thicker skins than others.

How thick is facial skin?

Skin depth varies quite a bit from individual to individual, but the average for facial skin is 1.3 mm. Eyelid skin is the thinnest on the body and averages 0.05 mm. As a point of reference, the skin of the back is the thickest on the human body and averages 5 mm.

Should I use moisturiser after skin facial?

Yes, you can use a moisturizer after you have had a skin facial.

How does make up affect your skin?

Wrong choice of make up can affect skin that leads to a serious problem. Improper clean of make up can cause acne, infection on facial skin.

What is facial cream?

It is a cream used to cleanse pores or to make skin feel younger.

Why is face dry after facial?

Facial cleansers and masks strip your face of all oils including the natural oils needed to keep your skin moisturized, i would reccomment Nuetrogenas Stress Free Facial Lotion, its not thick and leaved your skin still feeling clean, yet moisturised. There are many different face lotions you could use but you want to make sure you find a non-hypoallergenic oil free lotion.

What are Dermalogica Facial products meant to accomplish?

Dermalogical facial products are designed to keep skin looking and feeling healthy. Using these products will make skin feel clean, smooth and hydrated.

Do snake's have thick skin?

Yes, snakes have thick skin.

How thick is skin of buffalo?

buffalo's skin is 1.562cm thick

How thick is buffalo skin?

buffalo's skin is 1.562cm thick

Which animal skin is 4cm thick?

A Rhinoceros has skin that can be 1.5cm - 5cm thick, so it is the rinoceros that has skin 4cm thick.

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