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Each state has a medical board where complaints are filed. Go to your states government website (usually ends with .gov) to find the form. Also, complain to the BBB about this doctors office. A doctor doesn't want a complaint to show up publicly so he will want to settle this.

AnswerSend a copy of the receipt to the insurance company and they will adjust to pay you instead of the doctor.
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Q: What can you do when a doctor owes you a refund because the insurance also paid and the doctor refuses to refund your money?
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Do you get a tax refund from unemployment insurance?

No, you do not.

If you get a loan from a credit union and they put gap insurance in it can you get a refund?

It depends. If you paid it all upfront in cash for the life of the loan and you trade the car in early you might be entitled to a small refund. If the gap insurance is included in the car payment then no. There is no refund at that time, because you are paying only for what you use.

How do you Cancel Home Owners Insurance and get a refund on remaining insurance due to home sale?

When you call you insurance company to cancel, they may want the request in writing...this is helpful if you have an agent, because you can just pay them a visit. The refund from unearned premium should be sent to you within a week of cancellation

If you cancel your home insurance which was fully paid do you get a refund on the remaining months?

Most insurance companies will refund any remaining policy time. It will be prorated. If your mortgage company paid it out of escrow funds, the refund may get sent to them.

Is it legal for a insurance company to auto renew an liability insurance policy in Connecticut?

I don't think it violates Connecticut insurance regulations. But you should be able to cancel the policy and get a pro-rated refund or full refund.

If your insurance company requests a refund from your dentist because your insurance cancelled is the dentist required to send the refund?

The only time the dentist is required to refund the insurance company, is after the specific company has already made payment to the dental office and inadvertently was an overpayment for services renderred. In the event that the dentist is a participating provider with the insurance company and has other patients with the same plan, the insurance company reserves the right to deduct the overpayment from any future payments owed to the dental office whether it is for the same patient or not.

How do you calculate your refund on 600.00 gap insurance if you paid your 6yr long off in 2 years?

Depending on how you purchased the gap insurance. If it was included in the financing + gap = monthly payment then any refund due would go to the finance company. If you purchased the gap insurance independantly from the finance company then you must contact the provider of the gap insurance directly for any type of refund.

What part of speech is refund?

Refund is a noun because it is a thing, a verb because it is an action, and an adjective because it can modify a noun. Are you going to receive a refund? (noun) I want you to refund my money immediately. (verb) When are the refund checks being mailed? (adjective)

How long does it take to get a refund from Geico after you cancel your insurance?

one year

How long does it take for a car insurance refund?

5 working days

How do I get a refund on my long term care insurance policy?

You can contact the agent who sold you the policy directly and he should provide assistance in getting a refund. <a href="">Long Term Care Insurance</a>

A fire insurance policy had an annual premium of 780 What is the regular refund if the policy is cancelled by the insurance company after 5 months?

You are due a refund of of all unearned premium. Associated policy production fees are nonrefundable.

What does the dental office have to do when a dental insurance company overpays on a claim?

Refund the money to the insurance company and bill the patient for the difference.

Can you cancel motorcycle insurance if you sell motorcycle?

Sure, you can. The insurance company should pay you a pro-rated refund after you cancel the policy.

A property insurance policy has an annual premium of 780 What is the regular refund if the policy is canceled by the insurance company after five months?

They are required to refund any unearned premium portion. Policy fees and the like are considered fully earned.

If a broker sells a policy where vehicles are registered under a different name from policy holder insurance company cancels policy can you legally get deposit refunded and HOW if Broker denies refund?

If I were you I would contact the insurance company directly. I would not call the broker. You can always cancel your insurance and have the right to at least a partial refund. Most carriers will refund the entire unearned premium. Good luck.

Sold your house forgot to cancel insurance?

Contact your insurance company and explain the situation. If you are able to prove when you sold the house the company should issue you a refund for the period after you sold the home. If you have an agent call him/her and they should be able to help you get the refund.

If the hazard insurance from your mortgage agreement was cancelled do you get a refund and the mortgage payments go down?

Mortgage insurance is required when you have less than 20% down or equity in your home. Once you reach that percentage of ownership, you can cancel the insurance. Hazard insurance is different. Most Morgagees (Lenders) have a clause that forces you to continually have hazard insurance without lapses or they will assign insurance for you. The assigned insurance generally is more expensive than all other alternatives. If you cancel your current hazard insurance you would likely receive a refund but it would be unwise to cancel without getting insurance from another company... and especially unwise to spend the money. Your payments would not go down, but likely up because of the assigned insurance.

Do you get refund if you cancel auto insurance?

In most states, companies are required by law to give you a pro rata refund, that is give your money back for the time remaining on your policy.

How does the insurance company calculate the amount of premium to refund when a policy is cancelled?

Insurance premiums are calculated for the year. If you cancel your policy refunds are usually issued retroactively. So if you cancel your insurance 6 months into your policy, you wil be refunded for the remaining 6 months. It is usually calculated to a daily value, so you will get a refund for the remaining days left in the year. However, it is up to the insurance compant on what their refund policy is. Some companies will have a cancelation policy of 1 months cost of insurance if you cancel your policy. Most companies however have no fee.

Can I switch car insurance companies if my policy isn't up yet?

Yes. If you prepaid for your policy, your insurance company will refund any unused portion.

What is the mailing address for Geico Insurance?

One Geico Plaza Bethesda, MD 20810-0001

Do you get a refund if you cancel homeowners insurance?

Yes, if you cancel your home insurance policy mid term you would be entitled to the unearned portion of your premium payments.

Is car rental insurance mandatory?

Yes it is mandatory in our company. It is the best way to refund on your damage.

What do you know about working at home on government insurance refund processing?

The company will try to sell you a list of people who are due for a refund. You will have to try to reach them and try to do their paperwork for a fee. Is this a scam?