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What can you do when you're a mid teen depressed and every day is just another day in hell and your parents are overseas and you live with guardians how can you make your life better?



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  • With teens hormones all over the place it is quite common for some teens to feel depressed, lethargic, no motivation, grades slipping. This is a time to go and see a doctor or get some counseling. There are medications for short-term use to get you over a bad hump should the doctor feel you need them. Many things can make you depressed and here are some (not accusing you of any of them): Stay away from alcohol (it can make the depression worse); Street drugs (even Marijuana) can make a depressed person feel worse or any other drugs that one might take; Stay low on pop (especially Colas and coffee; Feeling left out of things at school. Get involved in other things such as volunteering, playing a sport. You may not feel like it, but push yourself to do it and you'll get those endorphins working better and feel better; If there is theater at school, get involved there. You may not think you like acting, but some of the best actors started out in theater at school; Try hanging out with good friends who are active and enjoy a good laugh; Start dating! Find a nice girl and ask her out. Learn to have fun. Loneliness can make you feel depressed and I have no doubt you miss your parents and wish that you had a more settled life. The next time you see your parents communicate how you feel to them and that you wish you could spend more time as a family. If your guardians have been good to you then by all means sit down with them and express your feelings to them. They will help you by taking you to a doctor and getting you help. Also understand that you are not crazy or different from anyone else because depression in teens is very high and any person at any age can get depressed. Don't feel embarrassed and that fact you want to feel better is a good sign. You'll be OK! Even at your age you have the right to walk into any Mental Health Clinic for help. There are also programs for teens who feel depressed and Mental Health will get you into them. So please, talk to your guardians because they can help. If you need more help please come back and ask more questions or click on any name and leave a message on someones PM Board. We're here to help all we can.
  • First of all the s above are from adults being a depressed teen it helps writing about it and yes I know that sounds corny and all, but I have started on poetry an books it really does help. Talk to your good friends.
  • Adults giving good suggestions are not poison and teens don't have the corner on depression. Depression strikes all races, cultures, both sexes and all ages. However, the idea of writing poetry (not corny at all) or even keeping a journal of your feelings is very healthy and a good suggestion.