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Q: What can you do when your family is threating you and your boyfriend?
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Threating-1 month. Threating (Really Bad)- 6 months, Really Threating Someone- As lonq as needed or death panel

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I think that the girlfriend should definitely introduce her boyfriend to her family first.

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No! If they offered, say no politely. If your boyfriend isn't there, you're just going to feel out of place.

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There are many differences between the relationship that you have with your family, friends, and boyfriend. With your family you have a deep, loving, permanent relationship. With your friends, you have a more fun, and compatible relationship. With your boyfriend you have a romantic relationship.

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i think she would love both of them most because your boyfriend is part of the family

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identity vs role confusion = Alex ;)

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Burry Him!

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Please elaborate on what your family is pressuring you to do?

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Your cat is more of a member of your family than your boyfriend.

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It was not her boyfriend but her older sisters ex husband

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If you have a dream that your boyfriend is trying to hurt you and your family it doesn't necessarily mean he is going to to do that, maybe you have trust issues with him.

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Scott Valentine played Justine Bateman,s (Mallory Keaton) boyfriend Nick on Family Ties.

Is it appropriate to bring a boyfriend to the funeral of an extended family member if the extended family has never met the boyfriend but you are in a long term live in relationship with said bf?

No i wouldnt. it might offend someone in your family

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if they are not threating you you are okay

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treading water

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Be grateful you didn't marry into that messed up family. Send her a thank you note, because you found out just in time that your boyfriend is spineless and allows his family to manipulate him.

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Get a boyfriend that likes you instead.

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If you go into the emergency room, they will treat any life threating condition then transfer you to the county hospital. If you do not have a life threating condition, the hospital will refer you to county.

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