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The answer depends upon how your Dad and his siblings took title to the property: as tenants in common or as joint tenants with right of survivorship. As joint tenants with right of survivorship, his share would pass to the other siblings named in the deed. If they acquired as tenants in common, then his share would pass to his heirs at law according to the laws of his state. In that case your Mother would need to petition to be appointed administrator of his estate in order for title to pass legally to his heirs, his widow and children.

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Q: What can you do your dad passed suddenly intestate he and his sibling are on the deed of what was their parents house does his share pass to your mother if not what can be done?
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Generally, if the decedent was not married and had no children the parents are the legal heirs in an intestate estate. You can check the laws of intestacy in your state at the related question link provided below.

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In an intestate estate there is no will. Click on the link provided below for the rules of intestacy in your state. Choose your state then choose "Read the Law".