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Q: What can you download to take songs off a ipod nano?
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Why is your ipod nano 4gb only taking 400 songs?

The ipod nano 4gb can only take 400 songs because that is as much space you have left on your ipod. I suggest you restore your ipod and then try putting more songs on it.

Can you take pictures on the iPod nano fifth generation?

you can not take pictures it can only take videos but you can still download pictures to your ipod nano 5th generation.

What can you do on a iPod?

Depends what kind it is but the main purpose is to listen to songs and in the ipod nano 5th generation you can take videos too:)

Can I download songs from my radio in the car to my Ipod?

to answer your initial question, no you can't take songs from the radio and transfer them to your iPod, unless you buy or download the original song and put it on your iPod normally.

Does it take up more space in your iPod if you download the songs on your iTunes on your iPod?

it would take the same space as if you download the song on your computer and then transfer the song to the ipod

How do you take a picture with a nano?

You cannot take pictures with an iPod Nano. The iPod Nano 5th generation only supports video, not pictures.

Can you take pics on an iPod nano?

noBut, you can record videos if you have the 5th generation. (iPod Nano)

How do you take songs or movies of your 4GB ipod?

download it form itunes?

Can the 5th generation ipod nano take pictures?

No, it can only take videos. But you can download something so it cazn take pictures.

Can you take still pictures on ipod nano?

No, you can only take video on the latest generation of iPod Nano, not still pictures.

Is there a legal way to get songs from an iPod to iTunes and if so what is it?

You can download IDump and it will take all the songs from your IPod and put it into a folder in your computer from which you can move into Itunes.

How do you download from an iPod Nano to iTunes?

You cant take music from your iPod and put it on a computer. Its a one way street. You can only send stuff from your computer to the iPod. That is done with the USP cable that comes with the iPod.

Can an ipod nano 5g take photos?

No, it cannot take photos. There is no iPod that allows you to take still pictures. Even though the latest iPod Nano has video, it cannot take still pictures.

Can you take videos on the old iPod Nano?

The old iPod Nano can play videos, but it has no camera. It can not make videos.

Can you take pictures with the iPod video?

There is no such thing as the iPod Video. However, the iPod Nano with the video camera is available. Though, no iPod Nano with the video camera (or any other iPod) will allow you to take still pictures.

How do you take the battery out of the iPod Nano?

you cant

How do you take games from the internet and put them in your ipod nano without using itunes store?

I don't think this is possible. I don't think there are very many games available to download for the nano most of the games to download are now being made for the iPod touch. There may be a few sites where you can download games and then import them into itunes.

Can you take pictures on an ipod nano?

No, you may only take videos on an iPod nano 5th Generation, but if you buy an iPod touch 4th Generation you may take photos and videos! :) Hope I helped!

Can the new ipod nano take pictures?

Yes! It can!!!

Can you take video with the new generation iPod Nano?


Can you take pictures with an iPod Nano?

No, but you can take videos. The current iPod Nano allows you to sync photos to the iPod via iTunes, but you cannot take actual pictures. The iPhone and iPhone 3G can take videos, and the 3GS can take videos. Why apple didn't let the Nano take photos is still unclear. Apple did not make the iPod Nano take pictures because the Nano's camera is VGA quality so pictures would look horrible.

Does the new ipod video take pictures?

No, the 5th generation iPod Nano with a video camera does not take pictures.

How much does it cost to get an iPod nano fixed?

There is no standard amount that it costs to have an iPod Nano repaired. The price is determined by what is being fixed and where you take it to have it repaired.

How many songs can an 8 gig iPod hold?

I have a nano and right now have a 1,000 songs plus one book on it. I did have 700 photos, but decided to take them off and add more music.

How long does it take to charge an iPod nano with Windows 98?

The operating system has absolutely nothing to do with the charge time. The iPod nano should take about 3 hours to charge completely.