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These are the best foods to eat after wisdom teeth are pulled:

  • ice cream
  • Frozen Yogurt
  • cold applesauce
  • mashed potatoes
  • cold tomato soup
  • non-frozen yogurt
  • cold pudding
  • If you want to get nutrients, drink a cold health shake throughout the day - such as Ensure or Slim Fast
  • Congee is a one-of-a-kind rice: cook with a lot of water to boil. For better taste, you can also cook it with some chopped meat (very soft meat). Add some soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper powder, or salt. If you would like it sweet, add a tablespoon of concentrated milk to the mixture.

Taking Care of Your Mouth after the Extractions

  • DO NOT RINSE THE MOUTH THE VERY FIRST DAY - After this, rinse mouth gently every 3 to 4 hours (especially after meals) using one-quarter of salt to a glass of warm water. Continue rinses for several days after the pulling.
  • BLEEDING - Bleeding is to be expected. If persistent bleeding occurs, place gauze pads over bleeding area and bite down firmly for one-half hour. Repeat if necessary.
  • SWELLING - Ice bag or chopped ice wrapped in a towel should be applied to the cheeks (half-hour on and half-hour off) for 4-5 hours after the pulling.
  • PAIN - For mild to average pain, use any non-aspirin type medication, OR take the prescribed medication your dentist recommended or gave you.
  • FOOD - Light diet is advised during the first 24 hours after and must be cold - do not eat warm or hot foods or liquids.
  • BONEY EDGES - Small sharp bone fragments may work up through the gums during healing. These are not roots; if annoying, return to the dentist office for their simple removal.

Causes of Dry Socket

* In individuals who smoke before their recommended time. Smoking: decreases healing, decrease blood supply to the protective blood clot, brings toxic products to the area, injuries the gum tissue and the negative pressure of sucking removes the blood clot from the surgery site.

* If you do not care for your extraction site as instructed by staff.

* Sucking action from smoking, sneezing, coughing, spitting or sucking AT ALL, within the first 24 hours.

* Women taking oral contraceptives are more susceptible.

Users share experiences and give advice on foods to eat after tooth extraction:

* I did not get all 4 wisdom teeth pulled, only one, about 3 hours ago, which is the one located on the bottom on the left side of my mouth. The dentist said to ONLY eat cold, soft or chewy foods for the next two days. He said ice cream or frozen yogurt is the best, then applesauce or non-frozen yogurt, and also drink lots of ice cold water as this helps the healing process. I was scared to get it pulled this morning and he gave me 4 shots in my gums that hurt very bad, but within 1 minute I couldn't feel anything there. He then said he was going to wiggle my tooth to see how far it was in and instead he just yanked the wisdom tooth out and I heard a cracking noise, like a bone breaking, or a hard stick snap in half.

* The numbness wore off about 40 minutes and I was in excruciating pain that made my eyes water and I couldn't talk or open my mouth. I was waiting in line for a prescription the dentist gave me for Percoset, well it's called OxyCodone, a generic brand. They wanted $85 for Percoset and $30.00 for the generic. I go with generics, much cheaper and saves a ton of money.

* I am now feeling nothing, I took half of the pill as told to do so and the pain went away about an hour or so after, I feel very dizzy and light weight, like a feather, I think this stuff can put someone to sleep for awhile.I wonder how many pounds I'll lose by being on a two day cold diet foods lol, ice cream and frozen yogurt and applesauce, give me a break. I want a double cheeseburger or fries. It's awfully tempting to eat something else. ! I know this pain killer will wear off within 6 hours so I better rest now!

* I just had my wisdom teeth removed today and the only thing that I have eaten has been a bowl of applesauce

* I got my four taken out 3 days ago and it still hurts. Don't eat crunchy stuff - that's a big mistake! I've been on a soup and pudding diet and lost about 10 pounds. Gatorade or mashed potatoes are good; anything cold feels really good. Brush your teeth afterwards; it feels good to have a clean mouth!

* I was told to avoid very hot (temperature not spice) foods for 4-6 hours after the extraction as mouth still numb and very easy to scald yourself without being too aware. I found that I wasn't hungry the day of the op but it helped to sip at water and stop my mouth going dry. I nibbled at a banana later in the day but needed very small bites as jaw was pretty immobile. Next day soup was good. Also yoghurt, more banana and even porridge. (NB very important not to smoke for 3 days after the op as this really increases the chance of infection in the socket which is apparently v painful!) Good luck. [oh and ignore everyone else's horror stories - if you take care of yourself and take it easy it's not too bad - really :-)]

* After having 4 impacted wisdom teeth pulled I am on a steady diet of McDonald's milk shakes, ice cream, and eggs (scrambled & boiled).

* I just got mine pulled this morning and the only things I have eaten today were some smoothies and mac and cheese. The smoothies didnt settle well but thats probably the reaction I had from the sedation.

* I got my four pulled 6 hours ago. Still bleeding a bit but have had a Noodie Drink (only contains crushed fruit).

* if you Want something more full on but based on what people here have said maybe only some soup!

* Mashed potatoes - probably the most filling thing you can eat that doesn't require your teeth.

* Never eat any dairy products if you are put on viccadin. Most (but not all) people will have a bad reaction to the mix. Otherwise just eat very soft foods that are cold not hot. Make sure to rinse out your mouth as well.

* I got all four of my teeth pulled this morning at 8am and its now 1pm. I have yet to eat anything because my bottom lip, chin, and tongue is still numb... haha! I'm really in the mood for mashed potatoes and baked mac n cheese...mmmm. Best of luck to you all!

* I can't eat much dairy - i have a VERY low tolerance for milk products, so no ice cream for me. Pudding (fat free for me - less milk and skim at that) is a great opption, it is so good. And there are flavors of applesauce you can get - peach, strawberry/banana, ect Also my mom brought me a baked sweet potato and mashed it up good for me with a bit of butter. Yum! Also Jello is good. So, summary - day 1 - sugery 8:30am, 12:00pm applesauce, later add jello, (mainly eatting just to take pain meds) and at night Sweet Potato Day 2 - added mashed potato's and mashed banana.

* Tomorrow making up smoothies of strawberry/banana and fat-free milk.Enjoy the guaze and ice packs the first day - they relieve pressure and numb but not supposed to use after few hours/24 hours.

* eat soft baby food or those little starter foods// they are meant to dissolve in your mouth -- also i ate anything that i could swallow whole comfortably

* Well I like smoothies, soup, ad anything in small pieces that i can easily swallow. I substitute meal replacements and protien powder to get proper nourishment. try this it will help. Dont skip meals it is nessacary for recovery.

* I got my four pulled four days ago and I found that the best solution was to eat mashed potatoes...ALOT!!! Also apple sauce was good.

* I had my teeth out 3 days ago and i still havent eatin anything. the last 72 hoursi have consumed a glass og chocolate milk and a spoon of tomato soup..

* Just stay away from dairy and anything you have to chew. Scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, canned : soups, beans, stews, chef boyardee, fruits. Juices, flat pop, freezies and popsicles, etc.! It's really not that bad.

* A few hours after the extraction I had mashed potatoes with a creamy mushroom sauce. Yummie!! And this morning all I can eat is scrambled eggs and rice pudding.

* My extraction was over a day ago. Sucks doesn't it? :P Basically you should eat anything you don't need to chew and anything that won't get stuck in the holes. Well, here are some things I suggest: apple sauce, pudding, jello, soup, ice cream, smoothies, shakes, mashed potatoes, mashed bananas, soft cheese, oatmeal, yogurt, and porridge. You shouldn't eat hot things since it might disturb the blood clot, so let hot food cool before you eat. Be sure to brush well and rinse with salt and warm water mixed.

* Don't be afraid i got all four of my wisdom teeth out this morning and im feeling great. I woke up after the sedation and felt really good. And then i went home had a cremsicle shake and a chocolate shake.. and chicken broth it was delicsious. I also am eating mashed potatoes.. And dont worry its not so bad!

* Lucky for me, I only had 3 wisdom its not quite as bad. But i've been eating mashed favorite, and pudding, milkshakes, soup, scrambled eggs...pretty much what everyone else has said. LOL, i just wanted to brag that i only had 3 wisdom teeth!

* I just got my teeth removed this morning. Was told not to eat dairy for 8 hours. I'm on tylenol #3 and amoxicillin. I had some soup earlier, and my mom is out for some ice cream. That and I've been downing apple juice and gatorade all day.Pain isn't too intense, just hoping for a quick easy recovery.

* Whatever, i drank plenty of milk after i had my wisdom teeth pulled, it actually helps with the pain killers they give you, considering on the side of the pill jar they give you it says "Take with food or milk". so those of you who said not to drink milk you're wrong, it also helps to settle your stomach. In addition, those of you that said you weren't suppose to drink milk or dairy products are contradicting yourself when you say you drank plenty of shakes and smoothies because many shakes and smoothies are milk based drinks.

* Amendment-Dairy products don't mix well with Some pain killers, others it is just fine to mix dairy with.

* Just this morning I had all 4 pulled. I slept till 2 and now I'm starving! I've eaten 2 oreo flavored jello pudding snacks and a tapioca pudding. I'm really looking for something to fill me up. I'M GOING CRAZY!!! What solid foods can I have. Mashed potatoes sound good until I eat them, then it's boring. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

* I just had my four teeth removed yesterday and I found that Popsicles were a good send. They didn't upset my stomach at all. I tried some cream of chicken soup about 7 hours after surgery (dinner time) and that didn't go over too well. My doctor gave me vicodin, so I guess that is why. But now, 24 hours later, I can eat pudding, eggs, yoghurt, mashed potatoes, soft stuff.

* Luckily I have 2 wisdom teeth which are on the bottom. After surgery I was fine and jut walked out of the dental office. When I reached home, I ate a bowl full of ice cream. It sure helps! Then things like Jello and rice that i smushed up tastes really good. yuummm! But make sure to keep the swelling down by holding ice packs on your lower cheeks. But overall it wasn't too bad since I had my brother be my maid. haha!

* I had my surgery yesterday morning and ive been eating the traditional jello, pudding, and eggs too...but today i got fed up and ate some pinto beans and cheese from taco bell! it was very exciting...i got to have real food, but it was easy to eat and i didnt have to chew!

* For substance mashed potatoes and gravy is great. The other filler is Oatmeal and grits. Especially because you can season it to taste however you want it. Cottage cheese if you like it and you can mix it with soft fruit and applesauce. With soups adding salteens will fill you up more, just let them soak in the soup. Stay away from soups with little vegi pieces the first few days. They tend to get wedged and stuck in the hole Fresh baked muffins are great too. YOu can just let it sit in your mouth a second and mash it to the roof of your mouth. Baby food are good to, little gerber. A new carb healthy substitute for mashed potatoes is mashed califlower. Sounds weird but is really good. If you need some protein try to eat some smooth peanutbutter. Little at a time so it wont get stuck.

* ice cream and popsicles are the best thing to eat because they are the easiest thing to eat and they don't cause any pain!!!

* Well, I got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday morning. Not to scare anyone, I have never been in more pain in my life. It's horible. None of my pain killers work so i basically sit here in pain. Ive found out that the best thing to eat are Applebees mashed potatoes, and a banana shake from Dan's Dogs!! Hmm sooo good let me tell you. I have heard that the 3rd day is the worst day and I hope to God that it's not true. I dont know if id be able to handle more pain than I am in now.

* I had some echa pletcha's a name my dad's mom made's really just graham crackers mashed up in milk and you don't have to chew it...i added a mashed bannana too if you're into that sort of stuff

* Just had 4 of mine extracted yesterday. I've been eating applesauce, oatmeal, yogurt, protein shakes with fruits, 4 minute boiled eggs, finely mashed tuna fish out of a can, peanut butter out of jar, sweet potatos...really anything that doesn't require intensive chewing. But, can't wait to get back to solid foods as I'm starving!

* The next day, I was eating "round Table Pizza" My m,outh had no infections alter on or nothing, the thing is they dotn want food stuck in thue gums, so basically clean out your gums, I would close my mouse and blow hair into it, and other ways to get the food to move around, just find a away and ucan eat, although, it can cause further bleeding, its been months since then, still no infection.

* I had all four teeth removed yesterday morning, only one impacted. doctor gave me percocet. i've eaten mash potatoes with garlic (mom's idea), raspberry jello (which I usually hate, but now it all tastes goood), and mac and cheese, which you can swallow whole. tried millet this morning, had to add a lot of milk to make it creamy enough. everything tastes good and pain is minimal, but varies. i feel relaxed. Since i started taking arnica (homeopathic remedy you place under your tongue) as dr. weil recommends, i've had no swelling at all, lucky me! hope these ideas help, good luck everyone get lotsa sleep.

* I just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday. I was pretty much stuck to yogurt, shakes, and ice cream. Today I had yogurt this morning, and was able to eat mashed potatoes a little while ago. I let them cool down a bit bc you're not supposed to eat hot foods for a couple of days, bc it can make you bleed more.

* I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday afternoon. I had a general anithetic. After I woke up, I felt great. All was well until the car ride home. I started feeling really nauseous and ended up puking for 5 hours before I could fall asleep. Today, I'm feeling much better. I am swollen and can't move my mouth a whole lot, but the pain hasn't been very bad-- I haven't taken any of the pain pills the doctor prescribed. For food, I would recommend Carnation Instant Breakfast as a filling "food" to eat. Its a powder you mix with milk and has a lot of nutritional value. Pudding is yummy too.

* Just had all 4 removed about 24 hours ago. I was so dizzy and drowsy I slept most of the time when i got home, but anyways... Foods to avoid first 24 hours: dairy (ate chocolate pudding and threw it up a few minutes later), hot soup. After throwing up three times from the pudding, i kinda figured out why I did. PACE YOURSELF WHEN EATING; DON'T BINGE. I rushed eating and threw up. I also ate the whole pudding cup the first time. The third time I ate slower and only about 1/2 of the cup and only vomited about 1/4 -_-. Jello is good to eat cuz it isnt' dairy or hot. I didn't throw up then. Been so nauseus I haven't tried much else, I'm scared to eat cuz I don't wanna throw up again :(

* I just got them out this morning. My reaction the meds werent too bad but I was extremely emotional because of them--so if you start crying after the surgery its normal...Well I went home and I just went to sleep. I woke up a few hours later. I didnt eat much today but I would suggest to anyone (after the numbness wears off) have some nice chicken broth. The salt will help sooth the pain for a bit. I had ice cream and pudding and that seemed to be ok...I nuked the ice cream enough that it was soft but still cold. Rice pudding is also good. Basically anything soft will get you through it. Oh and dont drink anything through a straw! It may disturb the blood clots that are very sensitive to things like suction. All in all I hope everyone is having a good old time--and dont forget the frozen peas!!! (they serve very well to calm the swelling. But be sure to wrap it in a towel so it isnt directly on your face, this may cause bruising. Thanks for the input everyone hope everyone gets better sooooon!This info may be different if you have any bad reactions to dairy products depending on what kind of meds they give you.

* Ok, I just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled last week and was able to make it out without any problems. Here is my advice, on the day before surgery you should eat ALOT, however not at midnight, because if they give you nitrous oxide it may make you hurl. Personally I did not take the nitrous oxide and the pain was managable with the local anesthetic and I did not feel nausious. On the day of the surgery I ate absolutely nothing, because I had thought that even the local anesthetics would make me sick. The local anesthetic did not give me any sort of stomach reaction. I also had 4 fillings done in the same day, and the fillings are almost totally painless to have done and there is no pain afterwards either. The dentist will use some sort of tool that cracks the tooth, I thought the dentist just rips your teeth out, but it is actually the opposite. They will use a pushing force to crack the tooth, you will actually hear the sound of your tooth cracking in your skull and then afterwards they pull the tooth out, there wasn't much pain here because of the local anesthetic. The dentist had given me a double dose of anesthetic for my bottom left tooth because I still had some feeling there when he was pushing down on the tooth, this got me a bit worried because this made the left side of my face numb for a full 24 hours, if you feel numbness after 48 hours then something is wrong. After they pull your teeth out they will rinse your mouth and stick some clean gauze in the area for you to bite on, they will also give you a packet of fresh gauze to use when you get home. Also, a good tip here is you might want to ask the dentist to give you your pain medication and antibiotic prescription BEFORE the actual surgery is done so you can have that filled in advance. Your gauze will become saturated in about a half hour, remove the gauze and stuff some new pieces in the area every 30 minutes, don't be afraid to replace the gauze. I used my entire packet of gauze before the bleeding slowed down, you will notice the gauze only comes out slightly pink when you have stopped the bleeding or slowed it down, do not keep the gauze in your mouth while you're asleep. Day one through day four will be the most "painful". The day after the operation I only took 1 glass of water so that I could swallow my antibiotics, and some extra strength tylenol, I did not take the painkillers because the pain was not that intense, this is why I said to eat alot the day before the surgery, I did not feel hungry so I wasn't under any torture. Remember NOT to use a straw or any sucking motion and to be gentle with your mouth so that the blood clots stay intact and allow proper healing. On day 2 I went to the local drug store and bought myself some Ensure drinks. The dentist had informed me that I need proper protein intake so that healing will take place, the Ensure drinks tasted ok and had 12g of protein per drink, I drank about 3 of them on day 2, still no food. Day 3 I started to eat apple sauce, jello and gogurt, you still cannot chew on food yet, what I would do is take a small spoonful of jello and put it in my mouth and have my tongue crush it up so I could swallow it, the applesauce was easy to swallow whole and the yogurt was easy too, remember not to use sucking motions with the gogurt. Day 4 was more of the same, applesauce, jello, gogurt, cottage cheese and ensure. On day 5 I tried to eat scrambled eggs but it did not go so well, I had pain trying to chew it and the eggs get stuck in the gaps in your mouth, BTW, I forgot to mention the doctor also suggested I drink gatorade to prevent dehydration. On day 6 I decided to try the painkillers just to see how effective they were, the bottle indicated that it was hydrocodine or something, well I took one pill and wow the painkillers are really effective, it takes away all the pain, even the minor dull pain and it makes you really sleepy. On Day 7 I had the stitches removed and was feeling ALOT better, I was back to eating all my regular foods again, so I would say it takes about 7-10 days after surgery to feel really good again. In those 7 days I did not brush my teeth from fear of dislodging the blood clots, but what I did do from Day 3 and on was take a warm glass of water and a teaspoon of salt and did a gentle salt water mouth wash by gently swishing it in my mouth and over the extraction sites and just letting the water fall out of my mouth, do not try to spit it out, the salt water also soothes. Your dentist might be a bit upset that you didn't brush, but not brushing for 1 week wont kill you.

* I had all 4 of mine pulled today, I was awake through the whole procedure, 2 of my wisdom teeth were impacted. The dentist gave me nitruous oxide i think (if that is what laughing gas is) didn't really put me out of it just kinda made the experinece less intense. Numbed my mouth up real good, and went to town, I went in feeling very optimistic and came out feeling not to bad. There were some moments where the pressure was intense but nothing painful. Hearing your teeth break is kinda awkward as well. I didn't once feel nauseous or sick, went to the pharmacy and got my vicadin prescription filled. My mother got me gatorade and I took my first vicadin. After I got home i continued to drink gatorade and change my gause every 30 or so minutes, I've also been taking one pill every 3 hours. The bleeding quit after about 5 hours and I had a little bit of Ice cream, and a little later I had slightly warm ravioli. I haven't slept I've been awake the whole time, I can talk allright and the medicine hasn't really done much to my state of mind. On the whole I think the experience is what you make it. My sister who had hers done just weeks before was in bed moaping for 4 days, it hasn't been one and I fell pretty good. No school tomorrow though, mother doesn't want me driving on vicadin. Eh, not complaining here.

* Omg I just had my 4 wisdom teeth removed 2 days ago, and this page has been such a big help. The first day after my operation was awful. I had some mushed up tomatoe soup, and some chicken soup, which I promptly puked up because I was allergic to the Codeine medication. Anyways, once I stopped taking it I felt much better. The key is sleep ALOT and you will not spend alot of time thinking about all the foods you cannot eat. Soups are great, scrambled eggs too, try some mashed up burger, melted cheese and beans for a tasty dinner. Don't bother much about veggies, the only way to eat them is to chop them small and swallow them, or put them in a smoothie. Make sure when you are eating stuff to use a small spoon, so you do not have to open your sore mouth very wide.Eeeks I hope my swelled up cheeks go down before monday, I really don't want to be seen at school like this. Oh well. I wish all you ex-wisdom teeth peeps the best of luck!

* I had four wisdom teeth removed 3 days ago. Now, I vaguely resemble the Blueberry Girl from Willy Wanka and the Chocolate factory...oh the joys of sweeling, so it has been very hard finding something to eat, however, some good optins that I found were scrambled eggs, zoodles and soups that dont have meats or many vegetables in them (ie: lipton cup of soup = just noodles and broth) I have heard also that McDonald's fries are a good option as they are quite soft and small, so you can chew them on your front teeth. Three days without solid food has been hard, so if anyone has any suggestions on fairly solid food that I can chew with my front teeth and swallow without lodging in my wounds pleaseeee share! Thankss!

* All these answers sound good. Also, I would like to add pasta to the list if you have only had one or two pulled. I found it the best for me, at least, on both occasions where I had two removed. It's soft, can be cool or warm, AND it is actally FILLING. I just really needed something solid. The best is to try smaller pastas like tortellini or some plain noodles. Soft cruust pizza, cut up into small squares, or soft garlic bread torn/cut apart are good as well, but like I said, only if you've had one or two pulled at a time.

* I just got my wisdom teeth out yday and i am so happy!! my dentist is great! my teeth were huge and the roots were deep. i came home around 2 friday and i slept with gauze in my mouth and changed them every so often cuz they would fill up mighty quickly (wet your gauze a little before you put it in) also as soon as you quit bleeding 'alot' then suffer through the little bit of blood bc with out the gauze you will heal alot faster, also be stocked up on tissues and hand towels bc although i wasnt in any pain i couldnt swallow bc my gums on the inside were swollen and it would hurt to press them together to swallow--i finally realized that if i drank cool water or apple juice then it was easier to swallow down my spit than just the spit by itself and that also helped clean off my toungue cuz of all the dried blood on it--then i finally got a pain pill down so i could sleep through the night, i started cutting my gauze in half and then putting it in bc i didnt like my mouth open so much (oh yeah have plenty of chapstick (carmex is best) your lips will dry out so much if you cant shut your mouth, even after i could shut my mouth i still used to carmex bc it hurt to lick my lips that night i never hurt but i did wake up every 2-3 hours changing my guaze and an occassional pain pill to try to sleep through the night=the next morning i still wasnt swallowing my spit too well so i started taking motrin to tend to the swelling on the inside then once that went down i was talkin and swallowing my spit just fine then i ate applesauce and mashed potatoes and i could eat anything i wanted except hard foods but i really wasnt hungry hope your experience is as enjoyable as mine bc i really havnet been inconvienced and i get to miss school YAY remember: 1. tissue 2. carmex 3. apple sauce, mashed potatoes, jello, icecream 4. baby spoons (like the lil gerber spoons) are so much easier than normal ones

* I had my 4 wisdom tooth pulled 4 days back... Am still recouping from the surgery. I guess eat well before surgery but dont eat too much, u might puke later. I didnt have anyone to take care of me so my doc kind of reduced the dose and i was more awake.

* Pain wise I did not feel anything. They asked to drink soda so that would help relieve my stomach. I had kept a whole can of ice cream outside so it would melt. I was drinking the icecream before taking the painkillers.

* The bleeding kind of stops as soon as your blood clots. You need to give atlease 2 hours for the blood to clot. The gauge is supposed to do that for you. So if in case you replace the gauge, place it properly.. you will not feel any pain doing that.. Please dont mind the blood, use a cloth or a paper to clean it and dont spit. Just drink liquids for the first day... Second day I started with chicken broth and later in the night cream of chicken. I also started to rinse with warm salt water. This is an antiseptic and works wonders. Drink milk, yogurt. Third day I started scrambled eggs, a little thicker soups and mashed potatos. I had boiled some rice, some lentils and grinded them in a mixer that was good... Fourth I am going do preety much same. I have stopped my painkillers. Will update this if I find something interesting.

* And yes dont jump, run or do any exercise. Once you get the blood to clot, its very important that you dont break it again. So keep cool, watch movies and atleast give a weeks rest.... does not mean you will become a couch potato.. you can still do washing, cooking etc.

* I had 3 wisdom teeth out 8 days ago and I would say the first four days were horrendous - lots of lying on the couch under a duvet with ice packs then hot packs and alternating ibuprofen with tylenol. Ive survived on chicken soup, smoothies, ice pops and Hot Chocolate. Mashed potatoe with gravy filled me up as did chicken curry & rice after it had been put through the blender! Chocolate that has no "bits" in it melts on your tongue and helps when your sugar levels dip mid afternoon. The pain has more or less gone now and the stitches are dissolving but Ive been told to stay on soft foods for 4 - 6 weeks until the holes have healed - roll on Christmas Day that will be my first day on proper food and I cant wait!

* Well it seems I am in a very small percintile but I begged my wife to take me straight to Burger King on thw way home from having my four wisdom teeth taken out.....but as I soon foud out you cant feel anything so once you put it in your mouth you cant find it so you end up just chewing on your There was also a lot of blood. I slept for about 5 hours and when I woke up I could feel a lot better so I re-heated my 12 piece tenders from BK I ate those some Ramen noodles and a large smoothie from Smoothie King...(Highly suggest Smoothie King) But I think it is on an individual basis and how hard they had to fight to remove your teeth. GOOD LUCK!!!!!! ~KC~

* I just got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled this morning. I was so terrified that I shook really hard throughout the procedure. Once it was done though, I was able to do a little christmas shopping, then I had some soup and codeine. I woke up a couple hours later and had ice cream and just had more noodle soup for dinner. Oh! I've also been eating mandarins with my front teeth (They're mostly all water anyway)

* I guess I'm the exception to the rule.All four of my teeth were inpacted, they told me when they'd pull them they would end up fracturing my jaw in several places.I had my teeth pulled at about 11:30am this morning, with gas and iv sedation. The gas was definetly fun! I got home, took the gauze out (it had only been in for about an hour, but it was really irritaitng me." and later on started trying to eat. I've had two scrambled eggs, a cup of tea, a can of cream of chicken soup, two large frosty's from Wendy's. I love being "sick", I got spoiled. One of those frosty's was my brother's, fro ma few days ago so it was nearly rock solid but I didn't really have any problems with it. My dad picked up the other one on the way home from the oral surgeon. I barely remember the drive home/the last few hours. I'm on some sort of narcotic's and extra strengh advil, as told. I didn't have any nasua or any bad reactions. I just want to sleep, but I've been fighting it.. The pain is definetly there, but not too bad. It'll be worse tomorrow, most of my face is still entirely numb. It's been almost 12 hours. They gave me extra numbing since the last time 3 shots of novacaine wasn't enough to numb me for a filling. I'm swollen already, badly swollen. One of my stitches on the top keeps moving and resting on the roof of my mouth, irritating me. Much more likey to get accidently pulled out as well. The only painful part that is definatly sticking out to me, is my jaw. It probably hurts the most right now (I'm saying probably since I can't feel most of my face._ But that's what you get wit ha bunch of fractures.Oh, and they let me keep my wisdom teeth. Two of them where in pieces, I guess it wasn't an easy extraction.

* I got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled five days ago; was put on Percocet for post-op meds. I still have not mustered up the courage for solid food, I choked down a piece of bread this morning only chewing it with my front two teeth and decided that would be enough for the next few days. I suggest Nesquick milkshakes, apple sauce, mashed potatoes, RAMEN NOODLES (only cut them up smaller so you just swallow them), Campbell's chicken with rice soup...there you have it, what I've been eating for the past five days. I miss solid food, especially MEAT, dearly, but have toughed it up...

* i got 4 wisdom teeth out a few hours ago, ive been drinking ice tea and milkshakes. my whole bottom of my face is numb. drink milkshakes they fill u up

* This Morning I had four wisdom teeth pulled and an extra tooth as well. Don't be nervous about the surgery you don't feel a thing. MAke sure you have something in your stomach before taking pain meds. Also mashed potatoes and applesauce are 2 good things eat. Best Wishes

* im on day four since i got all four of my wisdom teeth removed. they were all impacted and i have already had to get a new prescription of vicodin. its really important to stay on top of the pain, i wake up at 2am and 6am to just take my pain killers. applesauce and jello are the only things that will stay down with me, even cream of wheat is painful. good luck. ice and really try to stay ahead of the pain.

* Had all 4 extracted this morning. Really not as bad as I expected, though the gaping hole on one side is kind of a bug out. So far just drinking alot of water ... my wife made me an extra soft rissota (rice dish)... Cream of Wheat with a little maple syrup is a treat. Tomorrow its going to be srambled eggs and shakes. Can't wait for this to heal as I look foward to eating solid foods again! Had a serious problem with food getting to easily in the wisdom teeth. I haven't heard a solid answer as far as recovery time yet... anyone?

* Use the blender and/or food processor to break down your food!

* It really sucks. I got mine pulled yesterday and am starving. I am eating the usual jello and pudding. i am going to try yogurt adn other stuff today. it is worse the day after they are pulled. it isn't fun. I had all 4 pulled out. hopefully it is worth it?

* I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled 2 days ago. In the first 24 hours I didn't eat a single thing. On the day after the surgery I was eating applesauce and mashed potatoes. Today (2 days after surgery) I'm absolutely starving and I'm eating anything that's soft that I can find. I've eaten applesauce, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, grits, scrambled eggs, chicken noodle soup, jello, and pudding. I'm not in much pain, but I'm reluctant to eat anything more solid. Guess I'll starve for a few more days.

* My Fiance just got her wisdom teeth pulledout all four of them and she really loves spagetti o's. She couldnt eat anything else and she had no energy because she wasnt eating anything.

* I had my wisdom teeth out 2 days ago and i am still eating only mashed potatoes, puddling, mac and cheese and jello. Cant wait to eat some sort of solid food again.

* I had all 4 of mine out yesterday morning, and you guys are all nuts. I ate whatever a lot yesterday and ate more. You guys should go to some better dentists, and the dairy stuff is the best, and I did all this with local anesthesia. It's 36 hours later and I've eaten pasta. You guys should take some vikes, and decadron for swelling it helps.

* The one thing my dentist said to avoid is any food or drink that you have to draw through a straw. He said it would create a suction that would pull out the blood clot that must form and stay in place in order to avoid dry socket. So milk shakes and smoothies drank through a straw, with a hard suck being necessary, is a total no-no.

* hey people... i just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled this morning about..15 hours ago and im not feeling to much pain but i am starving. i didnt eat anything for 24 hours.. thats becaus ei couldnt eat 10 hours before surgery. They put an IV in me and they gaev me a shot of something, but i was knocked out!! i didnt feel anything and i didnt even know that they were doing anything to me. when the nurse woke up i fell right back asleep. then when my mom was driving me home i started crying.. its a reaction some people get haha. i slept pretty much all day until 6 pm. i've been wanting to go on a diet for the longest time and maybe this will give me a head start, but it is really hard seeing food on t.v and having my family eating it in front of me. ~;~So people all i have to say is that take pain pills with something that will make you tired!!! it's best if you have to have the guase in your mouth b/c the time goes by so fast. but i also heard dont wear your guase to sleep. so im not going to do that... only for little naps during the day. THE FOODS: i had a wendy's frosty and that made me feel sooo much better and i also haev a little bit of a protein shake. before im going to bed i had a bowl of applesause , YES applesause is very good to eat. ALWAYS rince your mouth after eating annnyyyyything. just to make sure your moth is cleaned out. the docter also told me not to brush my teeth 24 hours after sugery.. well im gunna make it until tomorrow night instead. just incase.alright good luck everyone and we all hope and wish to heal fast!!

* puddings are good for the first 24 hours - chocolate, banana, butterscotch.

* Had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday afternoon. Was given general anaesthesia and was out within 20 seconds of having the needle put into my arm. Woke up in the recovery room, with a numb mouth and gauze to collect the blood. Was driven home by my dad and went to lie down. Doctor prescribed codeine as a painkiller and amoxicillan to prevent infection. Been drinking juice, water, tea at room temperature. Have eaten pudding, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, apple sauce, soups and popsicles which help numb the pain as well as bring down swelling. Haven been keeping ice packs on and off my cheeks all day to prevent swelling, and it is hardly noticeable. Also sleeping with your head elevated reduces swelling. Have stopped taking the codeine this afternoon as it makes me dizzy. Instead, 2 advils does the same job for me, without the side effects. Didnt feel nauseous from the GA, and no vomiting. Didnt try to force in foods right away, but took it slowly. My jaw is still a little stiff and i cant open it all the way yet so chewing is still difficult. I'm hoping it'll improve tomorrow as i am longing for some solid food.

* congee all the way baby. Its pretty easy to make and totally painless to eat. Adding bits of chopped up meat helps to adding the taste. But remember to drink lots of kind of bored of water, so gatorades not bad. Just remember not to eat anything too hard, from what I've heard, it hurts ALOT. Removed it about 12 hours ago...jaws starting get real sore. Have fun with it. haha

* I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted under GA (General Anaesthetic). The bottom ones were impacted, where as the top one were a simple yank out job. Day of Surgery: I couldn't keep anything down due to post op nausea and accidently swallowing blood (there was alot of blood). All I could manage was ice cream and Jelly. Next day (Sunday): Made a tuna casserole, usuing the tinned stuff. Cooked the vegies until they were falling apart. Topped it all off with mashed potato and cheese. Mashed it with my fork and tried to get it down. Busted one of the stitches in my mouth in the process. Monday: My Fiance made dinner and cooked a whole chicken breast and served it to me @$% I cut it up into small bits and tried to swallow the tid bits. Not fun at all. Tuesday: I'm so over sweet food! I can't be bothered eating anymore :( Managed a bit of soft bread (microwaved a couple of peices and ditched the crusts). I hate soggy food :( No more analgesics, not that they were anygood, paracetamol/codeine combo. Wednesday: I had chocolate mousse, Lemon jelly and a spoon of vegemite for the Vit B. That hurt ALOT (high salt content). Just taking Ibuprofen for its anti-inflamatory qualities. Thursday/Today: I haven't eaten all day. Ran out of potatoes, came to this site for any other foodie suggestions. Last day of AB's.

* O.K I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted under (3 impacted). Surgery was good went to sleep and woke up like nothing happened. spent the rest of the day in bed. By the end of the night my throat was killing me. I didnt know that they put a tube down my throat during the surgery. so by the 2nd day My throat was causing most of the pain and swalling was horrible. iCE ANYTHING WAS MY BEST FREIND- iCECREAM , MILKSHAKES AND ICEBAGS. My mouth wasnt that sore and i thought it was healing well. On the 3rd day I woke and my I looked like a blowfish and the pain from the extraction finally hit. 4th day and still in alot of pain. In the past 4 days i've only had: Icecream, milkshakes, Mash potatoes, mac & cheese, chicken broth.

* If you like it, cottage cheese is a great food to eat. It goes down very easily and is very high in protein, which helps aid the recovery process.

* I just had mine out today and the first thing I ate was a wnedy's frosty.mmmm that was good n so soothing on the gums. I also had an ice cappucino n i tried bacon tonite. It tastes really good but you gotta watch u dont get any pieces in the holes. I alos ate popcorn it went down easy cuz it melts in your mouth. I guess it was dumb but i made sure the kernels didnt go in and i washed it down with a slushy.

* I just had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out less than 24 hours ago and they were impacted. I was so nervous cause all I had heard were horror stories. I remember everything before the surgery and everything right after, but the only part I don't remember (thankfully) is the part right after he put the medicine in my iv to put me out up until they told me I was done. It's not as bad as everyone says it is. It is a pain changing the gauze every hour and having to have soemthing there to continuously catch your spit, but the next morning was WAY better than I had anticipated! (Just make sure that you're able to rest for a few days and have someone taking care of your children. I have a 1-year old and my family was nice enough to trade off with him so that my husband could take care of me ) Just stay with the meds (that take away all pain) and do exactly what they tell you to do and not to do and you'll be fine. Oh, the night of the surgery, I got back and ate some ice-cream with my son's baby spoon and shortly after felt very nausious (I think because of the sedation meds mixed with dairy.) But today I had a frosty from Wendy's and am doing great.

* I just had my two left wisdom teeth pulled friday and it wasn;t that bad. The pain was nothing, especially since I have had 4 jaw surgeries this was a piece of cake. I have been eating sherbert, chic.broth and pudding, mashed potatoes and drinking lots of gaterade. Gaterade is the best for these kind of situations.

* I am on Day 3 of having all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled. I'm on a concoction of Ibuprofen and viccadins. This Ibuprofen is having a field day with my stomach and the Viccadins make me feel dizzy and light headed. Day 1 - I went for Jello . Jello goes down whole and while there's no real pleasure in eating anything whole - your stomach won't turn on you. I avoided dairy anything pretty much because of the viccadins. Day 2 - I was feeling bold enough to venture into mashed potato and gravy. I've been taking care to keep the mashed potato in the center of my tongue so I can push it down without getting food into the extraction sockets. Day 3 - I made the mistake of trying to have grits for breakfast! Needless to say the little bits of grits have gone everywhere. I spent a long time gently rinsing my mouth with warm salt water to make sure all the grits particles are out! So far Mash + gravy is working fine. I have been able to have tiny morsels of potato salad by pushing the bits straight down my throat. Chicken is a no - go because even if you cut it into little pieces. It isn't too pleasant to have them pushed down your throat and they taste like cardboard if you don't get to chew them I'm graduating to macaroni + cheese today. I haven't eaten a hot meal yet - I'm keeping everything at room temperature! My advice - anything that stays in one piece in your mouth is good to go with!

* Well I just got mine pulled earlier today and I'm trying to down lentil soup but it's tough. I think I'm gonna make a smoothie or stick to yogurt. I'm a really fast healer though so it's already not so bad.Also, if you're a fellow ganja smoker, my awesome friends have brought me pills and weed smoothies. Sick! Ask your friends to do the same.

* My case is slightly different as I did not grow a fourth wisdom tooth but instead grew a giant tumor up in my gums, got that taken out as well. Anyway stick to yogurt and really liquidy soups. And THC pills.

* Day 1 Water, Mashed Potatoes,Vicodin, Antibiotics, Water and Ibuprofren. More Water. Milk shakes made with a hand blender. Plenty of ice packs Day 2 Refried Beans and Rice with Sour cream, Vicodin, Antibiotics, Water Ibuprofren. More Water. Day 3 Vicodin, Antibiotics, Water Ibuprofren. More Water. Soup, rice pudding along with more milk shakes. * You can eat pretty much whatever you like, provided you observe some simple rules: 1. Avoid eating anything until the numbness wears off. You run the risk of serious injury if you were to bite your tongue or cheek while they are numb. Numbness should wear off within a few hours of the extractions. 2. Avoid eating until the bleeding has stopped. This should occur within the first day. Avoid swallowing blood. This can cause stomach upset and vomiting in some people. Continue to apply direct pressure with cotton surgical sponges on the extraction sites as long as bleeding continues. Change the sponges as they become saturated with blood and saliva. Follow your surgeon's instructions, and notify him/her if the bleeding has not stopped by the end of the second day following surgery. 3. Avoid sucking anything through a straw for at least two weeks following surgery. The suction can promote extended bleeding and could cause the blood clot to be dislodged from the extraction site. This can lead to a very painful condition known as a dry socket. If this occurs, contact your surgeon immediately. 4. Avoid smoking for the same reasons as #3 above. 5. Avoid eating nuts, seeds, and crunchy chips for the first two weeks following surgery. Small particles can become lodged in the extraction site leading to a post-operative infection. If this happens contact your surgeon for treatment.

* Anything you want. You will be more comfortable if you avoid extremes. Too hot or too cold, too spicy, too acidic, too crunchy, or too hard. Your doctor/dentist will give you limitations, but you will make the call as to what is comfortable.And cold and very cold may be what feels best to your swollen gums and the healing.

* I liked mac and cheese, ice cream, soups and custard. It only took a few days for the swelling to subside and pretty much eat what I wanted, but I had to watch that food didn't get stuck in the old places.

* you can eat dairy products such a milk, ice cream, yogurt, jello, soup, rice, noodles (something soft and easy to swallow.) Stay away from sweets. At least 3 - 4 times a day use salt with warm water and gently swish around your mouth where the extractions were and then spit out Stay away from smoking. Don't drink alcohol because it will make you bleed more. It should be fine in another day or two.

* For the 2-3 days after the extraction, eat soft foods that are not too hot and not too cold.

* I would suggest a liquid diet for the first couple of days. If you feel up to it you may try Jell-O, Ice cream, pudding. I suggest a nutritional shake called Muscle Milk. A lot of gas stations carry muscle milk in several flavors. It contains a lot of protein and vital nutrients.

* Foods that are relatively soft, such as soups and breads, and remember nothing too hot or cold. Also, rinsing the mouth with warm salt water is beneficial to keep the tooth sockets clean- no heavy brushing and no drinking through a straw, 'cos that tends to draw blood from the affected area. Good luck!

*I had all four wisdom teeth out today (2 pulled, 2 extracted) around 9:30 am. I was under GA and don't remember much. I came home and was starving (last meal was 1 pm the day before) but I went to sleep. My mom stayed with me and my dad went out to get my asahi soup. about 2 hours after I got home I ate the soup and half an hour later ate a half cup of pudding. I have taken some ibuprofen and the anti biotic. I took my gauze out and have not replaced it every 30 mins. I kept some frozen string beans (we had no peas) on my face and the swelling is not bad. It is around 8:30 pm now and I am not feeling any pain, just some discomfort. There is still some bleeding. My stomach is a little unsettled but I think that's because ive been swallowing blood for the last 8 hours. So far it has been an okay experience. I am hoping it stays this way.

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Q: What can you eat after you have your wisdom teeth extracted?
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