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Q: What can you give your ferret for adrenal problems?
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How do you know if a ferret has adrenal disease?

They only way to know if a ferret has adrenal disease is a diagnoses from a veterinarian. Most all ferrets in the US get adrenal disease because of early neutering

How much does it cost for adrenal problems in a ferret?

There are several different treatments for Adrenal disease in ferrets. Treatment options can be either surgery or medications (or both). Veterinarian costs can vary a lot, even within the same city.

Can you get pink eye from a ferret?

No, a ferret can not give you pink eyes.

How does a ferret give birth?

A ferret gives birth vaginally

Why are my ferrets that are spayed and neutered trying to mate?

Aggressive or mating behavoir is usually a sign of Adrenal Disease. See related question below for explanation: What is Ferret adrenal disease?

Why does your altered female ferret have an enlarged vulva?

If your female ferret is altered, an enlarged vulva could mean adrenal disease or incomplete spay. You need take her to a veterinarian for a checkup.

What causes ferret balding?

Ferrets commonly have thinning hair during fall and spring coat changes. At this time, you may see more skin through the fur. However, if your ferret has bald spots that don't seem related to seasonal coat changes, you should suspect adrenal problems. In particular, balding at the base of the tail, on the rump, or on the tail means a high probability of adrenal tumors. Ferrets with adrenal tumors may also bald on their necks or tops of their heads. This balding should not be treated with topical medications or vitamin supplements. The source of the problem is most likely to be an adrenal tumor. Your ferret can be ultrasounded to find the tumor, or a blood test can be conducted. Surgery is the best option.

How long does it take for a ferret to give birth?

An average of 42 days is the time is takes for a ferret to give birth.

How much does a trained ferret cost?

A trained ferret would be one that you adopt from a ferret rescue. The amount can very according to the age and whether they have a cage mate that has to stay with the ferret. Rescues will not adopt out a ferret that is not properly trained or has problems.

Is it bad to put plastic tape in a ferret's cage?

The ferret might chew on the tape and cause stomach problems

How to tell if your ferret has an enlarged prostate?

If your male ferret is straining to urinate it could be an enlarged prostate which is usually caused by adrenal disease. According to this website - Stranguria (straining to urinate)-This is seen mainly in male ferrets. It is due to the prostate becoming enlarged secondary to excessive testosterone secreted by the adrenal gland(s).

What if your ferret is overdue her kits?

If your ferret is overdue to give birth, she needs to be seen by a veterinarian asap.

Why would ferret have weakness in back legs?

Your ferret has symptoms of adrenal disease and should be taken to the vet. My vet recommended when I notice his back legs were weak to give him a little bit of Karo syrup on his gums. This would help with his low sugar and he would be up and running again. Unfortunately, this is a temporary solution.

What food do you give a hunting ferret?

Feed your ferret it's regular meal in the morning. When hunting take some treats and plenty of water for your ferret.

How do Ferret give birth?

A ferret can have 2 litters a year with an average of 8 kits per litter

Can you give your ferret Aspirin for pain?

No, take it to a vet.

What kind of medicine do you give a ferret?

lazer eyes

What is the likely cause of vulva swelling in a spayed ferret?

There are several possible reasons and the only person who can tell you for sure is a vet. The ferret should be taken to the vet as soon as possible. To confirm either of the below causes the vet will need to run tests.Two common causes1. If the ferret was spayed at a young age she could have a partial spay. This is rare but happens when the ferret is spayed before she is fully grown.2. If she is also starting to lose fur (beginning at her tail and spreading) it could be adrenal disease. Adrenal disease is curable as long as it is caught early.

How much imodium can you give a ferret?

Imodium is intended for use by humans and may be extremely toxic to other species - many common household medicines will kill pets. As a result, it would be an extremely bad idea to give a ferret Imodium. If it seems to be having problems passing stools, seek veterinary advice.

Can an enlarged adrenal gland cause kidney problems?

yes i think it can if you have a enlarged adrenal gland best to seek medical advice as soon as you can just in case.

Can you live with only one adrenal gland?

Yes, we have 2 adrenal glands and most people have no problems at all (or any need for medications) if one of them is removed.

What do you give a ferret to fatten it?

A ferret should always be fed a diet appropriate for their nutritional needs like a dry kibble ferret food. If your ferret is not eating the correct diet, they will suffer from malnutrition. If your ferret is just not eating, it may be caused by an underlying medical condition that needs attention. Your ferret needs an examination by a veterinarian.

What are the problems connected to Addison disease?

In this condition, people do not have the neurologic symptoms associated with ALD and AMN, but they do have problems resulting from adrenal insufficiency.

Can you give your ferret banana as a treat?

Yes you can, but not too many. Feeding ferrets too many treats or the wrong kinds of treats can lead to serious health problems. You can give a small amount of banana or banana chips

Why is your ferret going bald?

There are multiple reasons that a ferret is losing hair. It could be molting for one. Another reason would be adrenal tumors. Other reasons would include parasites or a low-quality food. refer to question below for more detailed information: