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What can you take for gas BEING PREGNANT?

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Moderate exercise, doing it. Another option is watching what you eat (being pregnant, it's hard, I KNOW), also you can drink milk, it soothes your stomach's troubles in NO time!

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What can you take for gas pain being pregnant?

You can actually take tums...the only thing about tums is that you should take 1 tum instead of the recommended 2-4 during the heartburn/gas symptom.

When you have lots of gas and bubbles can you be pregnant with twins?

NO. Just being pregnant gives some/most women gas.

What can pregnant women take for gas?


Are gas bloating and slight nausea signs of being pregnant?

Yes, they are. You should take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

Is there any pain pill you can take while being pregnant?

You can take paracetamol while pregnant. But not as freely as when you are not pregnant, specially during first trimester.

Do pregnant women get gas the first week of being pregnant?

The first couple of weeks after conception are relatively symptom-free. But you can get gas build-up by many a reason.

What are the chances of you being pregnant you are 2 days late and having a lot of the signs of being pregnant?

High - take a test

Why do women get bloated pregnant looking stomachs when they are not pregnant?

There are a few medical reasons for women to get bloated stomachs while not being pregnant. Gas, accumulation of residue, hysterical pregnancy...

Can you take gas x while pregnant?

Yes. You can take it in pregnancy. But as such to be avoided in first trimester of pregnancy as far as possible.

Can you take prenatal vitamins without being or planning on being pregnant?

yes; they are similar to daily vitamins

Is breast pain a sign of being pregnant?

It can be, however, that does not necessarily mean you are pregnant. It would be better to take a pregnancy test.

How did the Jews get to the gas chambers?

they were driven to the gas chambers being told they were going to take showers.

If you take a lot of aspirin every day will it stop you from being pregnant?

NO, but it might make you very sick as it reduces clotting. Only abstention or contraception can stop you from being pregnant.

Do you get gas if pregnant?

I am seven weeks pregnant and my gas is horrible and smells just like the dads gas. This happened for both my pregnancies!

Is it safe to take zithromax while pregnant?

yes it is safe to take while pregnant. A doctor would not prescribe it to you if it was to harm your baby. Besides, there are lots of people that have taken zithromax while being pregnant and it was safe for the baby.

Is it normal for a woman not to have any symptoms if they are pregnant?

being pregnant is a symtom of being pregnant

What sre the side effects of badia slimming tea?

Can you take this tea being pregnant?

Can you take flucloxacillin when pregnant?

No you cannot take flucloxacillin when pregnant. the leaflet says, 'do not take if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant' therefore i wouldn't take it.

Can worrying over being pregnant give you pregnant symptoms?

can being stressed about being pregnant give you symptons like nausea and things like that and you not be pregnant

How long does it take for a dog to get pregnant?

if your female has just ended being on heat and she mates with a male then she should get pregnant right away.after being conceived the dog is pregnant for about 2months and then gives birthThe egg in the female usually gets fertilized when the two dogs mate. It shouldn't take long. About 2 months later you should have puppies being born.

Could you be pregnant if you had your tubes tied 2 years ago and you feel pressure like movement in your stomach?

Take a pregnancy test, you could be pregnant. Or you could have gas.

How long does it take for a horse to get pregnant?

A mare can get pregnant within a few days of being serviced by a stallion, it really depends on where she is at exactly in her cycle.

The antibiotic is not bad for pregnant?

It matters what type of antibiotic and for what. Your doctor knows which antibiotics you should have. They are limited in what they want you to take while being pregnant.

How long it will take to get pregnant after being on birth control?

Until you get pregnant. There's no way to tell. It's different from one woman to another.

Can you take prenatal vitamins without being pregnant?

Yes. Many women take prenatal vitamins when they are planning to become pregnant. This helps get their body ready for the pregnancy. You can, but I would ask a Dr. first. Some Dr.'s reccommend you take them before you decide to get pregnant, and while you are trying to get pregnant. Good Luck!