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If you just want to get the same color as the curry powder, I would suggest using Turmeric powder. Although it doesn't provide the same spice/ flavor as the curry powder.

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Q: What can you use instead of curry in a chicken casserole?
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With what types of dishes can one use chickpeas with?

Dishes that one can use chickpeas with are chickpea curry, chicken and chickpea casserole, chickpea burgers, vegetable soup and chickpea with spinach gnocchi.

Can you use cream of chicken in tuna casserole?

can you use chicken in stead of tuna in tuna helper

Where can one find a buffalo chicken casserole recipe?

Eating Well has a great buffalo chicken casserole recipe. This casserole has hot sauce, blue cheese, celery, and carrots in it. It is recommended to use this dish during football season.

Can you use a water canner to cook soup in?

chicken curry

What can you use instead of oil for a casserole?

You can use any kind of broth and the taste will not change.

Can you use vegetable oil instead of corn oil in a corn casserole?

Yes, you can. :)

Can you use chicken stock instead of chicken broth?


Can use hl milk for cooking curry chicken?

i guess you can , since i used it too !

What is a recipe for Chicken Casserole?

You can find a good Chicken Casserole recipe from many different places. The Cooking Network is a great source to use to find all types of delicious recipes. If nothing on the television is of any assistance, you can always try the internet.

Can you flour meat with SR Flour instead of plain for casserole?

Yes you can, I use whatever flour I have to hand.

What to use instead of vanilla?

you can use maple syrup instead of vanilla extract we did it in sweet potato casserole for christmas dinner and everyone liked it better! hope this helps :)

Can you use cornstarch instead of flour to fry chicken?

It is not recommended that you use cornstarch instead of flour to fry chicken. It is best to use a combination of flour and cornstarch or flour only.

Is chicken curry good for you?

Curry can be good for you, as long as it is cooked with olive oil and only use skinless chicken breasts. The only other ingredients are water, tinned tomatoes, herbs and spices. Also watch the amount of salt you use. Hope this helps.

Can you use chicken stock insted of chicken broth?

Chicken Stock can be used effectively instead of chicken broth. You will get a similar taste.

What can you use instead of eggs when making fried chicken?

You can use milk. Or, Just use flour to coat the chicken. No eggs needed.

How do you prepare potatoes to use in a recipe?

It depends on the recipe. Though usually boiled and peeled potatoes are used especially in curry like stew and Kerala Chicken Curry

How long will chicken casserole stay fresh in the refrigerator?

You should try to use left overs within 3 days, chicken would be better within 2 days, or freeze them.

What is a good chicken casserole recipe for several people?

A very popular website to use is This website will give you a lot of options on preparation depending on whether you are looking for a richer casserole, or trying to stick with a healthier one.

Can you boil a rotisserie chicken bought at store after 5 days and use chicken for another casserole?

5 days is probably starting to push it, but if it still smells good and has been kept very cold, it's likely okay. If you boil the meat well in a broth then you will extend the usable life a little, so you can make a casserole with it. Just don't leave the casserole in the fridge for long.

What is the substitute for a chicken stock cube?

That depends upon what you are making. If you are making chicken soup, you can use actual chicken instead of a chicken stock cube.

What to use instead of mayonnaise in a chicken salad?

Use a nice vinegertte. It will taste AMAZING.

Can you freeze chicken in aluminum foil?

No..Use a freezor bag instead.

Where can I find chicken casserole recipes?

One of the best websites that I am aware of is a website by the name of They have many recipes and ideas to choose from. You can use a recipe for a party or large group of people, depending on how many are going to be attending your family picnic. If there are any leftovers, you can always take them home. I would not count on having any of this casserole being left once it's served at the picnic.

If I am baking chicken in a casserole and its still clear is it safe to eat?

Appearance cannot tell you if it is safe. You need to use a thermometer and cook to an appropriate temperature.

Can you cook brownies in a casserole dish?

Yes, I ONLY use casserole dishes to make my brownies!