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Assuming it has gelcoat finish,clean it a couple of times with acetone and clean rags to remove soap scum and body fats. If desired, it can then be polished with a cutting compound. finally, wax it with a mould release wax or car polish.

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Q: What can you use on fiberglass shower stalls to prevent water spotting?
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Where can one purchase fiberglass shower stalls?

Fiberglass shower stalls are available for purchase at most home improvement stores. Home Depot and Lowe's should both have these shower stalls in stock.

What types of materials are shower walls made of?

New shower stalls are made of different plastics or fiberglass. Older showers are ceramic tile.

Are walk in shower stalls better than traditional shower stalls?

Yes, because walk in showers are much easier to maintain and clean than traditional shower stalls. A walk in shower stall will also have a height adjustable nozzle.

Can you get electricuted from walk in shower stalls?

You can be electrocuted from walk-in shower stalls if there is an accumulation of water in the bottom of the stall. Otherwise it is highly unlikely that you can be electrocuted.

Which companies would sell bathroom shower stalls?

A company that would sell bathroom shower stalls is called KOHLER. You can search for the customers shower stall at the website or at a store in your area.

showers stalls for seniors?

Yes, there are indeed shower stalls for seniors that are easy to get in and out of. They also have shoer stalls with safety bars.

Can type s mortar be used without sand?

You can use it to make stucco, lay brick and block, or bed-in fiberglass tubs and shower stalls.

What is the size of a Standard shower?

36 x 36 inch is considered standard for shower stalls.

What advantages are there with corner shower stalls?

Some advantages of corner shower stalls are: Easy access without being in the way, takes up less space than a regular shower or tub, helps the bathroom look neat and spacious.

Can you install a walk in shower without hiring a professional?

Walk in shower stalls are moderately difficult to install. Pre fab shower stalls are already built for you and only need to be installed. Unless you are an expert it is highly recommended to hire a licensed plumber to get the plumbing set up before installing your shower.

What are benefits using wet shower?

Wet shower is useful for cleaning mold and scum off of shower stalls. It does not release harmful chemicals. Wet shower cleans without having to scrub.

What is the typical price range to install handicap shower stalls?

Handicap shower stalls can be purchased for under 1000 dollars at some retailers, but the average price is between 1000 and 1700 dollars. Installing the shower can be performed for free if a friend or family member is available, but paying a professional worker to install the shower will cost much the same as any other plumbing or installation job - a hundred dollars or more.