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You know whats a better question: what car does 50 Cent not have?

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50cent is in new york.

He Was 8 Years Old When His Mother Got Murdered

50cent is 140 1/2.

what instrument does 50cent play

What is 50cent mailing address

he lives in queens,NY..!were does 50cent live

NO. The police report says he only got shot three times.

can i listen to i get money from 50cent.

cassidy is nasty like heck but 50 got dat flow but cassidy is bedda

50cent was born on July 6th THE SAME DAY AS MINE!

weezy lil Wayne is better than 50cent

no 50cent is only a rapper who is not in the WWE(orWWF(oldie) and mayweather is a pro boxer no 50cent will not help my friend .

50cent is an American rapper. type in 50 cent rapper on Google if you wanna find out more

he got fam be coz he was in a park and started singing no he became famous because tony yayo introuduced him to rapping

David beckham is richer. because all 50cent does is rap.

No, 50Cent did not sell his soul to the devil. This is one of the silliest questions on this whole site.

nope its fake ciara is going out with bow wow and are engaged....50cent is single but has 1 kid

she has got a sports car and a limo with a hummer

50cent is better than pixie lott because he sold more albums than her and has the most money

Jeff Hardy's Got A Hyndai Sunuta Car.

$235,655,000 eta. 2009

i dont get it i dont get it

LMFAO! he didn't die yet

This question is arguable.

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